Wake Up With The Kiss. manga is paused for a long time

Sobering news for fans of the romance story “Wake Up With The Kiss.” by Nana Haruta, as the manga will be on hiatus for the rest of the year. More details are below.

Wake Up With The Kiss. manga

Ena is in her first year of high school and she keeps receiving confessions from weird guys. Her friend Miu jokingly says “Maybe you have a curse that forbids you to have a mutual love?” When Ena’s mother decides to remarry, Ena discovers that she’ll have a little brother and sister… However, the “little brother”, Touma, actually is the same age as her, and he’s handsome! Since they don’t have a blood relationship, Touma says: “You absolutely can’t fall in love with me, okay?” How will their relationship develop, now that they have become a family?

Mangaka Nana Haruta has been publishing “Kiss de Okoshite” in Shueisha’s “Ribon” magazine since April 2020. So far, five volumes have been released in paperback. The manga will be on hiatus until spring 2023. No reason was given.

Wake Up With The Kiss.: Cover of volume 01

Kiss De Okoshite
Kiss de Okoshite © Nana Haruta/SHUEISHA Inc.

Wake Up With A Kiss: Storyline

Ena’s life has been filled with strange characters. That changes when her mother remarries. From one day to the next she gets a little brother and a little sister. But Toma, the little brother, is not as little as expected, but almost her age and quite attractive. Can Ena resist the temptation?