Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Will the anime series continue?

A young man faces death, but it doesn’t mean the end for him. Will his journey continue in Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

Takechimi has lost his courage to live because of a tragedy, because with Hinata his best and only friend was murdered by a brutal gang. But shortly after the death news, things get even worse: in the midst of the crowd at the train track, Takechimi is pushed in broad daylight in front of an incoming train. However, what initially appears to be a tragic end opens up a whole new perspective for the young man. His death turns out to be a journey twelve years back in time – giving him the chance to avert Hinata’s fate. Whether it continues for the young hero in Tokyo Revengers Season 3, we reveal to you here.

If you want to time travel with Takechimi, you can do so with the first season in the Crunchyroll subscription and in season 2 of “Tokyo Revengers” in the Disney+.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Is a third run coming?

Borrowing from “Butterfly Effect,” the adaptation of the manga “Tokyo Revengers” not only tells a fantastic time travel story, but also one about death, fate and first great love. In addition to driving sci-fi elements, the anime series also has a lot to offer emotionally. For two seasons, fans have been able to share in the excitement of young Takechimi, who is catapulted back into his past as a middle school student. But what about a third season of “Tokyo Revengers”? Currently, nothing is known about season 3. The Digital Fix does try to make a prediction for the plot, but ANIME2YOU suspects that the hype has already died down. Especially since the audience score of 74 percent (as of February 2023) on Rotten Tomatoes does not speak a clear language. It’s hard to predict whether there will actually be a third season – and there has been no official announcement yet.

Anime alternatives to Tokyo Revengers Season 3

If you’re still hoping for a third season of “Tokyo Revengers” at the moment, you can look into other time travel anime while there’s still no new information:

Steins;Gate“: Rintarō Okabe is 18 years old and a science student who also spends his free time doing research. He can send messages to the past using a modified microwave, but they also change the present. You can find exciting anime on Netflix, but it should keep the correct order in the complex universe.

Ingress: The Animation“: A matter called XM finds portals all over the world that it can penetrate. It can also influence people. This is what happens to Makoto and Sarah. While Makoto sees the past of matter through touch, Sarah can influence the space-time fabric. The anime series is based on the game by “Pokémon” creator Niantic and is streamable on Netflix.

Buddy Complex“: High school student Aoba Watasa leads a very average life. But when she’s attacked by a robot after summer vacation, her life changes drastically – as she advances to become a pilot for the Free Treaty Alliance, which is waging war against the Zogiria Republic in the future. You can find the mecha anime for free on Crunchyroll.