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Ranking the Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia

In the My Hero Academia universe, a Quirk is a special ability that a person can possess. These skills can be as simple as superhuman strength or speed, or they can be more complicated like controlling fire or creating illusions.

Genetic in nature, quirks can be inherited from one’s parents or develop on their own. Only 20% of people do not have a Quirk, compared to an average of 80%.

The strength and adaptability of the quirks in My Hero Academia vary greatly, and depending on how they are employed, their owners frequently transform into superheroes or supervillains. At U.A. High School, students who aspire to be professional heroes receive the training and development necessary to perfect their Quirks and serve as effective societal protectors.

Heroic characters must employ their own quirks and skills to stop villains who use their quirks for their own benefit. Characters and the plot are greatly influenced by quirks, which are an integral component of the My Hero Academia universe.

However, based on the series’ events and the feats demonstrated by different characters, some of the strongest quirks are:

20. Gigantification

My Hero Academia

Given its capacity to exponentially increase the user’s size and strength, Gigantification is regarded as one of the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. The user of this Quirk can reach great heights of several meters to over 20 meters, and as they grow bigger, so do their strength and toughness.

With the usage of Gigantification, one stroke can quickly flatten structures, uproot trees, and unleash a torrent of devastation. They can withstand strikes from other Quirk users as well, because to their enormous size and enhanced durability.

Additionally, Gigantification can be combined with other Quirks, like increased strength or regeneration, to create even more potent effects. By doing so, the user can transform into a nearly unstoppable force in combat, able to repel blows and deal out tremendous damage to adversaries.

In addition to its use in battle, gigantification has other applications, such as rescuing people from burning buildings or getting to unreachable places.

Overall, Gigantification is a highly sought-after and powerful Quirk in the world of My Hero Academia due to its capacity to drastically enhance the user’s size and strength.

19. Warp

My Hero Academia

Warp has the power to almost instantly teleport the person and/or other items to other locations. With the help of this Quirk, the person is able to cover a lot of ground quickly, making them very mobile and challenging to find or apprehend.

Warp allows the user to teleport over short or large distances, as well as through solid things like walls or floors. Because of this, they are incredibly adaptable in both combat and non-combat settings. They can surprise adversaries, avoid attacks, or save those who are in peril by using their Quirk.

Also, the Warp user has the ability to teleport people or objects by using their Quirk to construct teleportation portals. This might be helpful while moving supplies or equipment or during rescue efforts.

The range and accuracy of the teleportation can also be increased by the Warp user, enhancing their battle or rescue effectiveness.

Last but not least, Warp is a very versatile and potent Quirk due to its near-instantaneous ability to teleport the user and/or other items to various locations. The user is given unrivaled mobility and versatility, which makes them an invaluable asset in any circumstance.

18. Black Hole

My Hero Academia

Black Hole is capable of modifying gravity and producing tiny black holes. A strong gravitational force can be produced by the user of this Quirk, drawing items or people in their direction.

Black Hole allows its user to produce tiny black holes that can draw in anything near them, including people, things, and even light. The ability to use their Quirk to immobilize, capture, or deflect incoming assaults makes them a fierce opponents in combat.

Black Hole can also be employed for bad intentions. Black holes can be created in front of the user and launched at their enemies to deal enormous damage and destruction.

By exerting a powerful gravitational force beneath their feet, the Black Hole user can also use their Quirk to fly or levitate. They are hence very mobile and challenging to locate or seize.

17. Dark Shadow

My Hero Academia

Dark Shadow is a Quirk possessed by Fumikage Tokoyami, a student at U.A. High School. With the support of this Quirk, a sentient shadow creature that can both attack and defend the user can be summoned. Due to its many benefits, including improved strength, speed, and agility as well as the capacity to fly, Dark Shadow is regarded as a powerful quirk.

Additionally, Dark Shadow is a versatile weapon that can be used both defensively and offensively. It excels in dim or dark settings where it gains more power and speed. Furthermore, Fumikage has proven to be an expert at using Dark Shadow in battle, enabling him to easily defeat strong opponents.

However, Dark Shadow’s effectiveness is constrained by the fact that it loses strength in bright light and can be defeated by particularly powerful foes. Dark Shadow can also be unpredictable at times, resulting in collateral damage or unforeseen outcomes.

16. Transform

My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga possesses the Quirk called “Transform,” which enables its bearer to take on the physical characteristics of any individual whose blood they have ingested. This enables the user to access the memories and information of the person whose blood they have swallowed in addition to changing their physical appearance.

Transform is seen as a powerful Quirk because it offers the user a variety of chances and skills, such as infiltration, deceit, and information gathering. By taking the identity of another person, the user of Transform can also blend in with their surroundings and avoid harm. The user must ingest the blood of the person they wish to turn into, which can be challenging in the fight, which limits the power of this quirk.

The user of this Quirk must also possess exceptional acting and observational skills in order to successfully pass for the person they have changed into.

15. Brainwashing

My Hero Academia

Shinso Hitoshi’s ability to brainwash people gives him the power to take over their thoughts when they verbally react to his queries. Because it can be used to influence opponents or win allies in combat, brainwashing is regarded as a powerful Quirk. Brainwashing’s effects can endure for up to ten minutes, and Shinso can keep his victims under control for as long as they remain around and respond to his inquiries.

Additionally, Brainwashing is very powerful against people who are ignorant of Shinso’s quirk or who underrate his prowess. Shinso has also demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the use of Brainwashing in battle, enabling him to easily defeat strong opponents. The only people who can be affected by this Quirk are those who react to Shinso’s questions verbally, and while he is using it, Shinso is still susceptible to physical attacks.

14. Permeation

My Hero Academia

Permeation is a Quirk possessed by Mirio Togata, a former student of U.A. High School. This Quirk makes the user’s body ethereal, allowing them to pass through any physical material, such as solid walls, floors, and other things. Permeation is seen as a powerful Quirk because it offers the user a variety of possibilities and skills, including infiltration, evasion, and stealth.

Additionally, the Permeation user has the ability to attack by phasing through enemies and landing blows from unexpected angles. Furthermore, Mirio has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the use of Permeation in battle, enabling him to easily defeat strong opponents. The user’s inability to see or hear when their body is intangible, however, limits Permeation’s ability to protect against sneak strikes.

Last but not least, the user must exercise caution when using their Quirk because they could unintentionally phase through the ground and fall into hazardous areas like underground tunnels or bodies of water.

13. Compress

My Hero Academia

Atsuhiro Sako, a devoted employee of Tomura Shigaraki, possesses the Quirk of Compress. Any object the user touches can be compressed using this Quirk into a tiny, marble-like ball that can be stored and retrieved at will. Because it can be used in a variety of ways, such as to immobilize or remove obstacles or to swiftly and effectively transport objects or people, compression is regarded as a powerful quirk. By compressing various objects or elements of the environment, Compress can also be utilized to disable opponents or turn them into weapons.

Additionally, the Compress user has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in using this Quirk in battle, enabling them to easily defeat strong opponents. However, Compress’s effectiveness is constrained by the requirement that the user be in close proximity to the object they want to compress, as well as by the object’s potential size.

12. Manifest

My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, Manifest is regarded as one of the strongest Quirks because to its adaptability and unpredictable nature. A sentient black ooze that can be utilized for attack, defense, reconnaissance, and transportation can be created by the owner of this Quirk and controlled.

The user can mold the black ooze into any shape they like, and it can take on the traits and powers of any organic or inorganic material it comes into contact with. This implies that the user is practically indestructible and can adjust to any circumstance.

Additionally, the black ooze has the ability to split into smaller pieces and grow new tendrils or clones that can fight or attack at the same time. As a result of their ability to coordinate several attacks from various directions, users are challenged to defeat.

11. Muscle Augmentation

My Hero Academia

The user’s physical strength and durability can be considerably improved by muscle augmentation. This Quirk gives the user the ability to gain more strength and muscle, which can be a huge advantage in close-quarters fighting.

The user of muscle augmentation can move at great speeds, lift extremely heavy objects, and strike with great force. As a result, they can easily outmatch most opponents in hand-to-hand fighting, making them a fearsome foes.

Muscle Augmentation allows the user to become more durable, which greatly increases their resistance to physical assault. Their muscles can operate as a natural armor, shielding them from harm, and they can survive assaults that would kill most other individuals.

Also, Muscle Augmentation can be used with other quirks, increasing its usefulness. For instance, the user can employ Muscle Augmentation to improve their physical capabilities and battle effectiveness if they have a Quirk that allows them to augment their senses.

10. Cremation

My Hero Academia

Cremation has the potential to be both versatile and destructive. This Quirk’s wielder has the ability to transform anything they come in contact with into ash, including living things, which can be catastrophic to foes and the environment.

Cremation can be employed in a variety of ways, including the formation of ash clouds to reduce visibility, the construction of ash walls for defense, and the discharge of concentrated ash blasts for offense. In order to make accurate strikes and movements, the user can also manipulate the ash’s shape and direction.

Being a subtype of the Flame Quirk, which grants immunity to fire and heat, is another feature that makes Cremation a powerful Quirk. In conflicts with other fire-based Quirks or assaults, this provides the user an advantage.

9. Fierce Wings

My Hero Academia

The power to grant the user wings and improved mobility makes Fierce Wings one of the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. In the universe of My Hero Academia, where most confrontations take place in three-dimensional environments, the ability to fly is very desirable.

Fierce Wings allows the user to grow wings from their back, which they can use to fly quickly and maneuver in the air. Because they can avoid enemy attacks or close in quickly for a surprise attack, the user gains a sizable tactical advantage in battle.

Additionally, the wings can be utilized on both offense and defense. The user can flap their wings to form a shield around themselves or use them to generate wind gusts that can drive away opponents. Additionally, the wings can be used to produce razor-sharp feathers that can be hurled at adversaries.

Fierce Wings users can also modify their wings’ size and shape, enabling them to adjust to various circumstances and environments.

8. Explosion

My Hero Academia

Explosion’s explosive potential and combat adaptability make it one of My Hero Academia’s strongest Quirks. When activated, these chemicals, which resemble perspiration, can be produced from the user’s hands and cause tremendous explosions.

The ability to manipulate an explosion’s size and intensity gives its user a great deal of tactical flexibility. They have the ability to produce little explosions for swift, focused attacks or massive, powerful ones for extensive damage.

The user of Explosion can additionally improve their physical capabilities by using their quirk. They can produce a blast strong enough to push themselves through the air, granting them improved mobility and agility, by igniting the sweat on their hands.

Explosions can also be employed defensively. To deflect approaching attacks, the user can build an explosive wall or a smokescreen to hide their actions.

Additionally, the user can combine their Quirk with additional materials to produce explosions that are more potent. For instance, they can construct more sophisticated and damaging strikes by fusing their explosives with additional materials like dust or debris.

Overall, Explosion is a very effective and adaptable Quirk in the world of My Hero Academia because to its explosive power and versatility. It gives the user a variety of attacking, defensive, and mobility abilities as well as the chance to perform potent combination attacks.

7. Half-Cold Half-Hot

My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, Half-Cold Half-Hot is regarded as one of the strongest Quirks due to its unusual fusion of ice and fire-based abilities. Because of their simultaneous control of both ice and fire, those who possess this Quirk are extremely adaptable in battle.

Half-Cold Half-Hot allows the user to produce ice and fire from various body parts, including their hands, and control its intensity and direction. They may now produce a wide range of assaults, including ice missiles, fire blasts, or a mix of the two.

The user can also alter the temperature of their immediate environment by melting or freezing nearby items and surfaces. This can help them escape risky circumstances or set up roadblocks or traps for their adversaries.

The ability to generate walls of ice or fire to deflect incoming blows makes Half-Cold Half-Hot useful for defense as well.

Additionally, the Half-Cold Half-Hot user can use their Quirk to improve their physical prowess by, for example, encircling their limbs in ice or fire to make them stronger or faster.

Las but not least, Half-Cold Half-Hot is a very adaptable and potent Quirk due to its unusual combination of ice and fire-based abilities. It offers a variety of attacking and defensive options, as well as improved physical ability, to the user.

6. Hellflame

My Hero Academia

Hellflame’s capacity to produce and regulate powerful flames makes it one of the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. The owner of this Quirk has the ability to create flames that are extremely hot and can burn practically anything in their path.

Hellflame’s wielder can direct and control the intensity of flames from any part of their body, even their hands. Because of this, they are incredibly adaptable in both combat and non-combat settings.

Hellflame can also be employed defensively and offensively. The user has the ability to stoke flames that can burn down their foes or to build a wall of fire to deflect oncoming blows.

Hellflame can also be utilized to increase mobility. The user is very mobile and challenging to find or capture because they can create flames beneath their feet to fly or drive themselves forward.

Additionally, the user’s emotional state can improve Hellflame; when they are more emotional, their flames grow stronger and hotter. As a result, they may have an advantage in combat as their flames intensify in force as they grow angrier or more determined.

Hellflame is a highly adaptable and potent Quirk in the world of My Hero Academia due to its capacity to produce and control fierce flames. It offers the user unparalleled mobility and flexibility, as well as offensive and defensive capabilities.

5. Erasure

My Hero Academia

Since it can completely negate other quirks, erasure is regarded as one of the strongest quirks in My Hero Academia. By making eye contact with other Quirk users, the holder of this Quirk has the ability to nullify their abilities.

Erasure can be used to entirely disable an opponent’s Quirks, leaving them helpless and exposed. It can also be used to disable one’s own quirks or those of allies to stop them from hurting oneself or interfering with the situation.

Depending on their level of control over their Quirk, the user of Erasure can decide how long the effect lasts, ranging from a few seconds to many minutes.

Additionally, Erasure can be applied in original ways to handle a variety of challenges. It can be used, for instance, to neutralize environmental risks or shut off equipment powered by electricity.

The person who is using Erasure also has improved physical prowess thanks to their Quirk. They are incredibly strong, quick, and durable, which makes them effective in close-quarters battles.

Overall, Erasure is a very potent and clever quirk in the world of My Hero Academia because of its heightened physical powers and capacity to entirely negate other quirks. It gives the user a special advantage in battle and can be applied in a variety of ways to deal with varied challenges.

4. Overhaul

My Hero Academia
Kai Chisaki

The ability of Overhaul, also known as Kai Chisaki, can break down and rebuild objects at the molecular level makes it one of the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. A single touch can be used to remodel, fix, or destroy anything thanks to the Quirk’s ability to alter its structural makeup.

By destroying their bodies or weapons with Overhaul, Kai Chisaki can easily defeat his opponents and render them defenseless. Additionally, the quirk gives him the ability to mend wounds and fix broken things, making it useful for both offensive and defensive actions.

Other unusual uses for Overhaul include building barriers, immobilizing enemies, and even giving other people special abilities by fusing them with objects. This gives it a strong and adaptable Quirk that may be employed in a number of ways to win conflicts.

Along with his Quirk, Kai Chisaki is a formidable foe due to his intelligence and strategic thinking. He is a challenging foe to overcome because of his mastery in identifying and capitalizing on his adversaries’ weaknesses.

In conclusion, Overhaul is one of the strongest and most adaptable Quirks in My Hero Academia due to its vast range of uses, ability to break down and rebuild things at the molecular level, and Kai Chisaki’s intelligence.

3. Decay

My Hero Academia

Decay is regarded as one of the most powerful Quirks in My Hero Academia due to its distinctive and devastating capacity to obliterate anything its user comes into contact with. Tomura Shigaraki, the head of the League of Villains, is the owner of the Quirk, which he received from All For One, his mentor.

Tomura can utilize Decay to instantly kill any living thing or object, regardless of its size or strength. He is a fearsome foe thanks to his ability to quickly defeat even the strong heroes and villains.

Decay can be used for a variety of purposes other than just physical devastation. Tomura has shown that he can disintegrate huge structures, produce shockwaves, and even spread the disintegration effect over the air using the Quirk.

Additionally, Decay affects its opponents psychologically because the mere threat of its power can cause them to hesitate or become alarmed. As a result, Tomura has a tactical advantage over his opponents in battle since he can capitalize on their fear and uncertainty.

2. All For One

My Hero Academia
All For One

The main enemy, All For One, possesses the quirk known as All For One. It enables the user to appropriate and accumulates the eccentricities of others, fusing them into a potent skill. All For One is a hazardous and adaptable Quirk with a wide range of abilities, including the ability to affect people’s brains.

All For One is regarded as one of the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia due to its special capacity to appropriate, store, and then combine other people’s Quirks into a single potent ability. The Quirk is a varied and hazardous talent that bestows upon its person enormous physical strength and durability as well as a wide range of powers.

With All For One, the user can steal and employ several Quirks at once, enabling them to adjust to any circumstance and foe. All For One can flip between various Quirks to confound and overwhelm their opponents, making it challenging for other heroes to anticipate or thwart their attacks.

All For One also possesses a number of additional beneficial abilities, like the capacity to influence and improve other people’s Quirks, deflect energy attacks, and even exert mental control over others. All For One is a powerful Quirk that can be utilized on the offensive and defense thanks to all of these skills.

1. One For All

My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, One For All is regarded as one of the strongest Quirks due to its exceptional capacity to accumulate power and pass it on to subsequent users. Izuku Midoriya is the eighth person to employ One For All after a hero by the name of All Might first hold this quirk.

The enormous physical strength, speed, and agility that One For All bestows upon its possessor practically render them unbeatable. Additionally, it improves the user’s sensory perception and gives them access to strong maneuvers like the devastating Detroit Smash.

One of the distinctive features of One For All is that it gives the user access to the total power of all past users, making it a skill that is continually expanding and changing. This implies that One For All gets stronger the longer someone sticks to it.

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