Wednesday Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and News

The morbid, cynical and sometimes murderous daughter of Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán) and icon of many young people who feel like outsiders has finally got her own spin-off. And it hit like a bomb: With an unbelievable 341.2 million streaming hours in the first week, the series even topped Netflix’s “Stranger Things”! The success has by no means died down since then, and the series still holds a place in the Netflix Top 10.

Tim Burton directed it – and you almost want to exclaim “Who else?”. The expert for macabre and morbid is absolutely in his element here.

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date: When do the new episodes start?

On January 6 finally came the news we have been waiting for weeks: Wednesday season 2 is officially confirmed by Netflix! After the huge success of the series, nobody really doubted that anyway. Nevertheless, we are very happy to finally have certainty that there will soon be a reunion with the ever-popular Goth girl!

After the filming of season 1 lasted about half a year, it could be around the end of 2023 so far that the new season appears – if the filming begins at the latest in spring 2023. As soon as a release date for Wednesday season 2 is set, we will keep you updated here.

Wednesday Season 2: Showrunners want to show more of the Addams Family

Wednesday Season 2 - In The Series, Wednesday Shows Off Her Literary Ambitions
Wednesday shows off her literary ambitions © Netflix

The showrunners now revealed in an interview with TVLine that in a possibly following season 2, the remaining members of the Addams Family could also be further illuminated. Especially the relationship between Wednesday and her mother Morticia will be explored more. Nevertheless, the focus will naturally remain on the titular Wednesday, who will also learn in the future not to see the world in such black and white and to allow friendships more and more.

A New Dance in Wednesday Season 2

After Wednesday’s iconic dance, which quickly became an absolute online hit, we’re in for another dance in the new season. Gomez-Addams actor Luis Guzmán revealed in an interview with Screenrant that he will be dancing. There will also reportedly be a sword fight. This fits perfectly with the showrunners’ announcement that they want to delve deeper into the lives of the other family members as well in the next season. Maybe there will be scenes from the past where Wednesday learns how to use a sword and dance from Gomez?

Wednesday Season 2: Hopefully, there will be answers to these questions.

Many questions are left unanswered at the end of the first season of “Wednesday.” Which three questions fans probably ask the most and which answers to them could be given in the second season of “Wednesday”, we have compiled here for you!

Question 1: Is Marilyn Thornhill still alive?

Wednesday Season 2 - Who, If Not Thornhill, Controls The Hyde Monster Tyler (Hunter Doohan)
Who, if not Thornhill, controls the Hyde monster Tyler (Hunter Doohan) turns into? © Netflix

At the end of the first season, Wednesday knocks Marilyn Thornhill aka Laurel Gates, who turned out to be the wanted killer, unconscious with a blow to her foot. What happens to her after that and whether she was taken into police custody, for instance, is left open.

However, we do see at the end that Tyler turns back into the Hyde monster. Since the monster can only transform under the control of a second person, either another person must be behind it – or Thornhill is still at large.

Question 2: What happens next with Wednesday and Enid?

Wednesday And Enid - Wednesday Season 2
Wednesday and her roommate Enid (Emma Myers) couldn’t be more different – at least at first glance © Netflix

Fans have well received the friendship between unlikely roommates Wednesday and Enid Sinclair, and showrunner Alfred Gough also told The Hollywood Reporter that he wants to deepen their relationship in future seasons.

For some fans, however, that’s not far enough: online, the two are “shipped”, i.e. seen as the ideal couple; and according to Netflixlife, even actresses Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers wouldn’t be averse. We can therefore be curious whether the friendship of the two will develop into something more or whether it will remain platonic.

Question 3: Who is the stalker in Wednesday?

Xavier - Wednesday Season 2
Could Xavier (Percy Hynes White) be behind the stalker in “Wednesday”? © Netflix

At the end of the first season, Wednesday learns that she has a stalker. A pretty blatant cliffhanger that raises high hopes for a second season of “Wednesday.” But who could the stalker be? Season 2 of Wednesday will certainly provide an answer to this question. However, we can already make some assumptions at this point.

The most obvious option is Wednesdays boyfriend Xavier. After all, he is the one who gives her her first cell phone, on which she promptly receives the stalker’s messages. However, the question then arises about how Xavier should have gotten hold of the photos the stalker sent Wednesday. He would have to have at least one accomplice. In addition, Xavier currently lacks a clear motive to want to harm her – but maybe we will learn more about that in season 2?

Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the cult films of the 90s, plays the role of Marilyn Thornhill aka Laurel Gates in the series adaptation, who is unmasked as the wanted murderer in the season finale. It remains to be seen if she survives – if so, she could be out for revenge and possibly be the stalker.

Or is the mysterious cult behind it, which is merely hinted at from episode 5? To paraphrase Wednesdays closing words from the last episode, the suspense is killing us!

Wednesday Plot: This is what it’s about

When Wednesday is sent from her suburban high school to Nevermore Academy – the boarding school where her parents fell in love back in the day – after a brutal prank, she finds herself in a whole new position: suddenly she’s no longer the only outsider, as the venerable institution is teeming with “freaks.” From werewolves to gorgons and sirens to vampires, everything is represented here.

Now it’s time to find your way through the jungle of the school’s social hierarchies. In addition, Wednesday has to deal with her burgeoning psychic abilities, uncover an old family secret and, to top it all off, solve a series of murders.

Wednesday Actress Jenna Ortega is Convincing

Even if not all of the sometimes somewhat forced dark gags land, the series mostly hits the deep black humor known and loved from the “Addams Family” movies. In addition, Jenna Ortega is convincing as Wednesday. The 20-year-old has already made a name for herself as a scream queen in several horror and thriller productions in recent years, such as “You,” “Scream” and “X,” and she lives up to her name in “Wednesday.

She succeeds in subtly eliciting emotions from Wednesday’s traditionally expressionless facial expressions, especially since the character learns over time to allow a certain closeness to some of her new classmates. To some, this may seem like a betrayal of the original character, but this development of Wednesday’s personality creates a depth not previously seen in the films, which is also necessary to keep the series format exciting.