The Rings of Power: Insights from Episode 8 – End Explained

The first season of The Rings of Power came to an end with a brilliant finale and many uncertainties have finally been cleared up. We recap the events of episode 8 and give an outlook on the upcoming 2nd season.

The Elven Rings are forged

The Elven Rings Nenya, Narya And Vilya
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Elrond returns to High King Gil-galad with bad news from Khazad-dûm. Together with the Elvish smith Celebrimbor they are now looking for a way to secure the continued existence of the Elves.

Meanwhile, Galadriel and Halbrand also reach Eregion, where the wounds of the supposed king of the Southlands are treated. Surprisingly quick to regain his strength, Halbrand ensnares Celebrimbor.

He advises him to stretch what little mithril they have with other metals. Galadriel begins to have doubts about Halbrand’s identity and makes inquiries. Her fears come true. It turns out that Halbrand is indeed Sauron.

After Sauron overpowers Galadriel, he flees to Mordor. Elrond saves Galadriel from drowning and both return to Celebrimbor. Galadriel conceals her newfound knowledge of Sauron and wants to have three rings forged to establish a balance of power.

So it happens that at the end of the 1st season, the first three “Rings of Power” were created: The Elven rings Nenya, Narya and Vilya.

The Istar and the Harfuß

The three white women reveal themselves as Sauron’s henchmen and make the meteor man believe that he is really Sauron. The Harfeet around Nori interfere in the events and a fight ensues.

Thanks to Nori, her friend, who turns out to be an Istar, remembers that he is good and protects the Harfeet. Nori separates from the rest of the Harfeet and sets off with the Istar to Rhûn to learn more about the wizard. Meanwhile, the Harfeet move on.

Nûmenor is doomed to destruction

The king of Nûmenor is dying and holds Earien for his daughter Míriel. At his behest, she finds the palantír. When Míriel returns to Nûmenor, the king has already died.

According to Tolkien’s pattern, Pharazon will marry Míriel against her will and thus come to power. Corrupted by Sauron, he turns against the Valar and Nûmenor will sink into the sea.

Will The Rings of Power continue without Isildur?

The people of the Southlands are not addressed in the season finale. However, in episode 7, Bronwyn decides to leave for Pelagir with the Southlanders. Whether Isildur was able to save himself from the burning wreckage remains uncertain.

According to the novel, he will later, together with his father and brother, found the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor. Will the series deviate from the original here as well? We will see.

So the first rings are forged and Sauron unmasked. The foundation for Sauron’s reign of terror is thus laid. With the last episode, the wait for the 2nd season begins, whose filming has already started. When the story continues, is not yet determined. Until then, impatient viewers are warmly advised to read The Silmarillion.