The Last of Us Soundtrack: Every song and When it’s played? – Episodes 1 to 8

The songs in “The Last of Us” make the series adaptation of the video game of the same name an emotional experience. But which music can be heard when?

The fact that music plays more than a minor role in “The Last of Us” becomes clear by the end of the first episode at the latest: Joel (Pedro Pascal) communicates with Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) via songs on the radio. A song from the ’60s means something like “nothing new to report,” a track from the ’70s means “there’s fresh merchandise,” and a track from the ’80s reports big trouble. We list all the songs of the new horror-drama series including timecode and plot.

The Last of Us Theme Song: The song from the game

If you’ve already played the video game “The Last of Us,” you might reminisce at the intro of the HBO series of the same name, because the title track is the same song. To be more precise, it is a composition by Gustavo Santaolalla, which was developed especially for the game. The sounds of the Argentinean musician could already be heard in the film world before “The Last of Us”. Santaolalla even won the Oscar twice for the film music for “Brokeback Mountain” and “Babel” (via IMDb).

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Songs from The Last of Us: Episode 1 to 8

Are you tormented by an earworm from the latest “The Last of Us” episode, but you just can’t figure out what the song is called? You’ll find the answers in our overview:

ConsequenceTimecodeSongThe plot of the sceneListen to the song
100:04:52“Tomorrow” – Avril LavigneSarah (Nico Parker) makes breakfastSpotify
100:05:37“White Flag” – DidoSarah and Joel have breakfast egg with baconSpotify
100:10:20“I Can’t Believe You’re Back” – Jad Mhanna, Roy Abdallah and Carole Aoun TeamSarah enters the storeSpotify
101:09:35“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – Wham!Song is not heard, but Ellie names the lyrics to find out what Joel’s radio code meansSpotify
101:15:45“Never Let Me Down Again” – Depeche ModeSong starts on Joel’s radio at the end of the episode while no one is in the roomSpotify
200:00:19“Hampa” – Ari LassoPeople sitting in a snack bar in JakartaSpotify
200:49:11“Allowed to be Happy” – Gustavo SantaolallaEllie looks back at the explosion while Joel continues walking. She turns to him and looks after him melancholy. By the way: The song is from “The Last of Us Part II”Spotify
300:16:58“I’m Coming Home to Stay” – Fleetwood MacBill plunders the city and builds a new, safe home for himselfSpotify
300:20:05“White Room” – CreamFour years later: Bill returns with new loot and listens to the music while workingSpotify
300:28:20“Long Long Time” – Linda RonstadtFrank plays the song on the piano, Bill does the sameSpotify
300:52:21“On The Nature of Daylight” – Max Richter Orchestra & Lorenz DangelBill decides to fulfill Frank’s last wish and they experience one last day together.Spotify
300:58:41“Vanishing Grace (Childhood)” – Gustavo SantaolallaBill puts Frank to bedSpotify
301:07:03“Chains of Love” – ErasureEllie and Joel enter Bill’s basementSpotify
301:10:09“Long Long Time” – Linda RonstadtEllie and Joel leave the premises in the car (you can hear the original song)Spotify
400:04:55“Alone and Forsaken” – Hank WilliamsEllie finds a cassette in the car, Joel plays itSpotify
400:42:15“True Faith” – Lotte KestnerThe credits are runningSpotify
500:33:59“Soft Descent” – Gustavo SantaolallaEllie, Joel, Sam and Henry run across the streetSpotify
500:55:28“Fuel to Fire” – Agnes ObelEllie and Joel continue on footSpotify
600:41:43“All Gone (Partners)” – Gustavo SantaolallaJoel and Ellie argue and Joel thinks back to SarahSpotify
600:45:42“The Path (A New Beginning)” – Gustavo SantaolallaEllie and Joel ride towards the universitySpotify
600:54:55“Never Let Me Down Again” – Jessica Mazin (piano cover)Ellie is left with the wounded Joel, credits beginAmazon Music
700:03:04“All Or None” – Pearl JamEllie’s Flashback: She runs in circles at the FEDRA Academy, the argument with a classmate escalatesSpotify
700:20:47“Take On Me” – a-haRiley and Ellie try out the escalator at the mallSpotify
700:24:30“Just Like Heaven” – Rockabye Baby!Ellie and Riley ride carouselSpotify
700:43:17“I Got You Babe” – Etta JamesEllie and Riley dance to the music in the horror businessSpotify
700:50:03“Left Behind” – Gustavo SantaolallaEllie searches for needle and thread and treats Joel’s woundSpotify
800:46:43“Unbound” – Gustavo SantaolallaJoel finds Ellie and they both leave the resort.Spotify

What does the song at the end of episode 1 mean?

In Joel’s apartment, Ellie comes across a note that explains the radio code with Bill and Frank. At first, Joel doesn’t want to tell Ellie what it means when a song from the 80s comes on the radio, so she lures him into a trap. When Joel wakes up from sleep, Ellie claims that “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” was heard. She can tell by Joel’s reaction that a song from the ’80s doesn’t bode well. When the two have already left Joel’s apartment, a song does indeed sound. It’s “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode – a hit from 1987. So Bill and Frank are in trouble. But we won’t find out exactly what it’s all about until we stream it on WOW in the coming weeks.