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Terminal List Season 2 It’s Official: Release Date, Plot, Cast & News

Terminal List Season 2 Release Date: Everything we know so far

The Terminal List Season 2 renewal. After many months of listening to our agonizing, Amazon Prime Video has delivered the news we’ve all been waiting for.

The Terminal List, based on Jack Carr’s bestselling novel of the same name, stars Chris Pratt as James Reece, a Navy SEAL who seeks revenge for the murder of his family and his platoon. Along the way, he uncovers a dark plot that involves the highest levels of government and military.

The first season of The Terminal List ended with a shocking twist that left viewers wondering what will happen next. Will Reece be able to expose the truth and bring justice to those who wronged him? Will he be able to protect his allies and himself from the powerful enemies who want him dead? And will he be able to cope with the trauma and guilt of his actions?

Here’s everything we know so far about The Terminal List season 2.

How Many Seasons Does Terminal List Have?

The Terminal List has one season so far, consisting of eight episodes that premiered on July 1, 2022. The series was originally announced as a limited series, but given its popularity and cliffhanger ending, fans are hoping for a second season.

What is the Ending of Terminal List?

What Is The Ending Of Terminal List?
© Amazon, Prime Video

The Terminal List season 1 ended with a shocking revelation: Reece’s former teammate and friend Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) was actually working for the CIA and was part of the conspiracy that killed Reece’s family and platoon. Edwards had manipulated Reece into killing several targets on his “terminal list”, which were actually CIA assets who had information on the conspiracy.

Edwards also revealed that he had planted a bomb in Reece’s car, which killed his wife Lauren (Riley Keough) and daughter Lucy (Arlo Mertz). He then tried to kill Reece, but Reece managed to overpower him and shoot him in the head.

Reece then contacted Katie Buranek (Constance Wu), a journalist who had been helping him uncover the truth, and told her everything. He also sent her a video of Edwards confessing his role in the conspiracy, which implicated Secretary of Defense Lorraine Hartley (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and Rear Admiral Gerald Pillar (Nick Chinlund).

Reece then went into hiding, while Buranek prepared to expose the story to the world.

Will there be a Terminal List Season 2?

The Terminal List fans can finally rejoice: Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that the hit military thriller will return for a second season, as reported by Variety. The announcement came in early February, seven months after the first season debuted. That’s quite a delay, considering how well the show performed for Prime Video; it topped the charts on Prime Video for over a month and ranked second on Nielsen’s streaming Top 10, only behind the hugely popular Stranger Things.

The reason for the long wait might have something to do with securing the availability of Chris Pratt, the global superstar who plays the lead role. In August, Jack Carr, the author of the novel on which the show is based, said, “Chris wants to do it and Amazon wants to do it. But it could all fall apart.” Carr also said that Pratt’s demanding role “almost killed” him. “I’ve worked in a couple of subplots to take the pressure off him in the next [season].”

Is Terminal List coming back in 2023?

The Terminal List Season 2 confirmed. Fans of the action thriller series can rejoice as Amazon Prime Video has officially announced the renewal of The Terminal List for Season 2, as reported by Variety. The news came in early February, almost seven months after the first season debuted. The show, based on the novel by Jack Carr, stars Chris Pratt as James Reece, a former Navy SEAL who uncovers a conspiracy behind the ambush that killed his platoon and his family. The second season will continue to follow Reece’s quest for justice and revenge, as he faces new enemies and allies. It is unlikely to premiere in 2023, given the lack of production updates.

Terminal List Season 2 Release Date: Speculation!

Terminal List Season 2 Release Date
© Amazon, Prime Video

The good news is that The Terminal List has been renewed for a second season by Prime Video. The announcement was made on February 1, 2023. The second season will be based on True Believer, the next book in Carr’s series. Chris Pratt confirmed his return as James Reece in a statement: “This season promises to be even more intense and action-packed than the first, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

The bad news is that there is no official release date for The Terminal List Season 2 yet. Filming has not started on the new season, and Chris Pratt has been busy with other projects like The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. We can only speculate that the second season might come out sometime in 2024 or later.

Terminal List Season 2 Plot: What’s next?

The Terminal List season 2 will follow the plot of Carr’s second novel, True Believer, which involves a global terrorist plot and a CIA double agent. In the book, Reece is living in Mozambique as a wanted fugitive, hiding from his enemies and trying to forget his past. But when a series of terrorist attacks make him a valuable asset for the CIA, he is recruited by his former commander to join a covert operation that will take him across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Along the way, he will face new threats, old friends, and shocking revelations that will test his loyalty and his sanity.

Terminal List Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

Terminal List Season 2 Cast
© Amazon, Prime Video

Chris Pratt has confirmed that he will reprise his role as James Reece in The Terminal List season 2. He will be joined by Constance Wu as Katie Buranek, the journalist who helps him uncover the conspiracy behind his family’s murder. Other cast members who could return include Patrick Schwarzenegger as Donny Mitchell, Reece’s best friend and fellow SEAL; Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards, Reece’s mentor and former SEAL; and J.K. Simmons as Admiral Dale Rutherford, Reece’s former commander and CIA operative. There could also be some new faces joining the cast, as the second book introduces new characters such as Sarah Keller, a CIA analyst who works with Reece; Raheem Zarif, a notorious terrorist leader; and Hugo Vox, a mysterious billionaire who has ties to the plot.

Where can to Watch Terminal List?

The Terminal List is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive series, which means you can only watch it on the streaming platform. You need to have an Amazon Prime membership to access Prime Video, which costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year in the US. You can also get a free trial for 30 days if you are a new user. Prime Video is available in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Terminal List Season 2 Trailer: Is there a teaser?

There is no trailer or teaser for The Terminal List season 2 yet, as the show has not started filming yet. However, you can watch the trailer for season 1 below to refresh your memory of what happened in the first season.

The Terminal List - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Similar Shows Like Terminal List

If you are looking for more shows like The Terminal List, you might want to check out these titles:

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