Stranger Things Season 5: Will have some parallels to season 1

With the Stranger Things season 5 the mystery series is to end. How the grand finale will have similarities to the previous and especially the 1st season, now revealed the series makers.

Stranger Things” has been one of the most successful running Netflix series since 2016. The due finale around Elfie, Will, Mike and Hopper is expected to appear in 2024. But already the series creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, revealed how they are proceeding with the 5th season.

At an Emmy FYC panel, the Duffer brothers told us that for season 5 of “Stranger Things,” they will be leaning heavily on the very first season. Specifically, in terms of tone, Season 5 will return to its origins, to the first season’s adventures in Hawkins.

Stranger Things Season 5: Returning to the “original Stranger Things”

While the first season was still a horror-filled coming-of-age adventure, the later seasons became increasingly bigger, more massive, and more spectacular. Season 4 even shifted the action to Russia, where Joyce tried to rescue Hopper from the gulag.

With impressive sets and multiple plot locations, season 4 just felt massive. Season 5 is expected to combine many elements from past seasons, but overall feel more like a mysterious “neighborhood adventure” from Season 1.

So we can probably expect a colorful mix of our favorite moments from “Stranger Things” gathered in one massive final season. A combination of everything that has worked so far, the worthy completion of a story that has stretched over years, but also respect for the origins. According to previous information, season 5 will be all of that.

Will season 5 of “Stranger Things” be a nostalgic epic ending or Frankenstein’s monster?

But whether it will be possible to successfully combine so many elements from the past seasons without the whole thing feeling like a patchwork quilt remains to be seen. Because the individual seasons of “Stranger Things” were sometimes very different.

While season 4 resembled a psychological horror film, season 3 was more of a light-hearted summer blockbuster, and seasons 1 and 2 were neighborhood mystery sci-fi films á la E.T. Which of these will season 5 be more like?

The Duffer brothers’ resolution for the conclusion of Stranger Things is to keep the sheer size and of Season 4, but bring the story back to the origin and Hawkins of Season 1. A daring plan. But if it succeeds, it would probably also be the best season of “Stranger Things” ever.

The directing duo can be trusted to find a coherent conclusion for the cult series that awakens nostalgia but doesn’t feel like a mere copy. This might also be possible in a two-part season, as was the case in season 4.

While in the first half the story reveals a new, even smaller threat and is fought locally in Hawkins, the second half would have everything building towards an epic, grand finale. A massive battle with the ruler of the shadow world in this parallel reality and on the surface would be conceivable.

We can’t know exactly yet. But “Stranger Things” Season 5 will finally cement the series’ status as a pop culture great.