Get Ready to Scream: Stephen King’s Children of the Corn Drops First Horror Trailer!

A first trailer has been released for Kurt Wimmer’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn,” hinting at some delightfully old-fashioned storytelling.

There is probably no short story by horror master Stephen King that has been adapted more often than “Children of the Corn,” known in this country as “Children of the Corn.” In 1984, “Children of the Corn,” which you can stream on Amazon, was the first film adaptation by director Fritz Kiersch, starring Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton. In it, young couple Burt and Vicky get lost in the sleepy town of Gatlin, somewhere in Nebraska. A gruesome cult of children, led by Isaac and Malachai, rules, killing all adults. Each member of this group must sacrifice himself in the 19th year of life “to him who goes behind the ranks.”

This first film turned out to be a moderate success at the box office, so there has been not one but a whole series of sequels over the years. In 2009, “Children of the Wrath” was released, the eighth installment, which was also a remake of the first film. The tenth installment, “Children of the Corn: Runaway,” appeared most recently in 2018. And who could say that the “Fast & Furious” series would be long-lived? The worst thing about it: this film series is one of the worst horror works ever. If you can’t get enough of angry children murdering adults despite all these miserable films, you can look forward to “Children of the Corn” by director Kurt Wimmer, for which a first trailer has been released:

“Children of the Corn” Doom lurks in the cornfield

Surprisingly, it must be said that Wimmer’s very own version of “Children of the Corn” looks quite respectable in the first trailer. The 58-year-old filmmaker, who hadn’t directed since “Ultraviolet,” although he did produce a reasonably entertaining action flick starring Christian Bale in 2002’s “Equilibrium,” returned to the director’s chair for the horror film after 14 years and also penned the screenplay himself.

Wimmer’s version is also set in Nebraska. Here, an evil force from a dying cornfield has taken possession of twelve-year-old Eden Edwards (Kate Moyer), who quickly gathers other children around her to slaughter all the adults. Only Boleyn Williams (Elena Kampouris) stands in the way of the rampaging mob.

In the U.S., “Children of the Corn,” already completed in 2020, will be released in theaters and streaming starting March 3, 2023.