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If you think watching chronologically is the best way to enjoy My Hero Academia, think again. We’ve compiled an easy-to-understand My Hero Academia Watch Order.

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Remarriage & Desires Season 2: What is the Netflix release date?

The Korean series Remarriage and Desires thematically explores the question of whether a partnership between two people is based on love and affection or whether it is a business arrangement between them so that they can both thrive commercially. To know the explanation of the end of season 1, read this.

At the center of the conflict are two women, Seo Hye-seung and Jin Yoo-hui, who can be seen as a potential protagonist and antagonist, respectively, as there is little nuance around their characters. Professor Seo’s husband, Kang Nam-Sik, a lawyer at a large company, is framed by an employee named Jin Yoo-hui, who not only steals the bribe money from a huge merger deal, but also accuses Mr. Kang of sexually assaulting her.

Mr. Kang wanted to marry Yoo-hui and left his wife, Seo, for his new girlfriend. However, as Yoo-hui’s accusations and the company’s fraud came to light, Mr. Kang committed suicide to save himself from arrest and public embarrassment. Only after his death does Seo realize that her husband is not guilty, but she has no way to prove his innocence. If you want to know when Season 2 of Remarriage & Desires will be released on Netflix, read on!

Remarriage & Desires Season 2: Release Date

Remarriage &Amp; Desires Season 2
Remarriage & Desires © Netflix

The first season was released mid-July 2022. Currently, no renewal announcement has been made regarding the release of Remarriage & Desires Season 2 on Netflix. The reviews have been quite good and the series is currently trending around the world.

However, Korean series don’t like to do sequels and are often limited to one season. The end of the first season is enough by itself but still offers the possibility of a second season. In case of a renewal, the release date of Remarriage & Desires Season 2 on Netflix should be set for late 2023!

Remarriage & Desires Season 2: What can we expect from the sequel?

At the end of the business, Ms. Choi doesn’t have many options left to conduct her business, and she’s left with REX, which she’ll probably pursue. Most likely, in Remarriage And Desires season 2, we will see another group of new young members and another love triangle between them, or maybe the old members will make a comeback.

Speaking of coming back, Jin Yoo-hui had told Ms. Seo that this is just the beginning, so she had already hinted at her return. Yoo-hui has her own devious ways to escape crime and punishment, so if she returns in Remarriage And Desires season 2, her first target will probably be Mr. Lee, Ms. Seo, and their families.

It will be exciting to see what roles these characters will play in the next episode of the series and what twists and turns it will cover narratively. And until season 2 is announced, let’s focus on the happy ending between Mr. Lee and Ms. Seo.

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