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Jack’s back in Reacher Season 2! The highly anticipated follow-up to the first season of the hit TV show is finally here. Based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, the series stars Alan Ritchson as the imposing lead character.

After a successful first season, Amazon Prime Video renewed the show for a second season just three days after its launch. Fans of the show can expect more action-packed episodes with Ritchson returning as Reacher himself.

Reacher Season 1, which premiered in February 2022, followed Reacher as he investigated the murder of his brother in a small Georgia town.

Along the way, he uncovered a conspiracy involving counterfeit money, corrupt cops and a ruthless crime boss. The season ended with Reacher avenging his brother’s death and leaving Margrave with a new friend, Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald).

But Reacher’s adventures are far from over. The show has been renewed for a second season, and fans are eager to know what’s next for the titular hero. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Reacher season 2 on Prime Video.

When will Reacher Season 2 be released?

As of now, there is no official release date for Reacher Season 2. However, we can make some educated guesses based on the production schedule and the previous season.

There is no official release date for Reacher Season 2 yet, but we have some clues to speculate on. According to a promotional video from Amazon for Prime Day 2023, the show is set for a December 2023 release. However, this could change depending on the production schedule and other factors.

Reacher Season 1 was announced in July 2020 and started filming in February 2021. It took about a year from the announcement to the premiere. Reacher Season 2 was announced in February 2022 and started filming in September 2022. Production on Season 2 wrapped in February 2023, with Alan Ritchson marking the occasion on his Instagram: If we follow the same pattern, we could expect Season 2 to premiere in September or October 2023. However, this is just our best guess and we will have to wait for an official announcement from Amazon.

Of course, this is just speculation and things could change due to various factors such as the pandemic, post-production delays or other unforeseen circumstances. But we hope that Amazon Prime will announce the official release date soon and keep us updated on the progress of the show.

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Who will be in Reacher Season 2?

The only cast member who is confirmed to return for Reacher Season 2 is Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher. He is the main protagonist of the show and the reason why most fans watch it. Ritchson has received praise for his portrayal of Reacher, capturing his physicality, intelligence and charisma.

The rest of the cast for Reacher Season 2 has not been revealed yet. However, we can assume that some of the characters from Season 1 will not be back, since they either died or parted ways with Reacher by the end of the season. These include:

  • Malcolm Goodwin as Oscar Finley, a corrupt cop who was killed by Reacher
  • Kristin Kreuk as Charlie, a waitress who was killed by Finley
  • Harvey Guillén as Jasper, a hacker who helped Reacher but left Margrave with Charlie’s sister
  • Marc Bendavid as Joe Reacher, Jack’s brother who was killed before the start of the season

On the other hand, some of the characters from Season 1 could potentially return for Season 2, either as regulars or guest stars. These include:

  • Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe Conklin, a sheriff’s deputy who befriended Reacher and helped him solve his brother’s murder
  • Bruce McGill as Leon Garber, Reacher’s former commanding officer who gave him information and advice
  • Maxwell Jenkins as Young Reacher, who appeared in flashbacks showing Reacher’s childhood and military training

In addition to these familiar faces, we can expect some new characters to join Reacher Season 2. These will likely be based on the characters from the book that Season 2 will adapt (more on that later). Some of these characters could be:

  • Frances Neagley, a former member of Reacher’s military unit who contacts him for help
  • Calvin Franz, another former member of Reacher’s unit who is found dead under mysterious circumstances
  • Teresa Lee Chang-Chavez (or just Chang), an FBI agent who teams up with Reacher to investigate Franz’s death
  • Peter James Barron (or just Barron), a wealthy businessman who is involved in a conspiracy that threatens Reacher and his friends
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Of course, these are just guesses based on the book and they could change or differ in the show. We’ll have to wait for Amazon Prime to announce the official cast for Reacher Season 2 and see who will play these roles.

What will be the plot of Reacher Season 2?

Reacher, the Amazon Prime Video series based on the best-selling novels by Lee Child, is returning for a second season. The show stars Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher, a former military policeman who wanders the country as a vigilante.

In the first season, Reacher uncovered a conspiracy involving his old unit and a corrupt politician. He also met Major Susan Turner (Maria Sten), who became his ally and love interest.

The second season will adapt the ninth book in the series, One Shot, which was also the basis for the 2012 movie Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise.

In this story, Reacher is drawn to Indiana after a sniper kills five people and leaves behind a clue that points to Reacher’s past. Reacher teams up with Helen Rodin (Parisa Fitz-Henley), a defense attorney who represents the accused shooter, James Barr (Aldis Hodge). Together, they try to find out who framed Barr and why.

The second season will also explore more of Reacher’s backstory and his relationship with his brother Joe (Will Yun Lee), who was killed in the first season. Reacher will face new enemies and old friends as he unravels the mystery behind the sniper attack.

The show will also introduce new characters from the books, such as Cash (Marc Rissmann), a former army buddy of Reacher who runs a security firm, and Zec (Michael Raymond-James), a ruthless Russian mobster who is behind the conspiracy.

Which Book Will Reacher Season 2 Be Based On?

A man plunges from a helicopter into the dark desert below…. A woman in Chicago discovers that a group of former military investigators are being killed one by one…. And in Portland, Jack Reacher—soldier, cop, hero—is drawn into a mystery by a code that only he and a few others can decipher.

These are the opening scenes of Lee Child’s thrilling novel, Bad Luck and Trouble, which is the basis for the second season of Reacher. The 11th book in the Jack Reacher series skips over 10 books from the first season, which might disappoint some fans of the original novels.

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However, it seems that the 11th book has a lot of potential for a gripping adaptation. The plot revolves around Reacher’s reunion with his old comrades from the 110th Special Investigations Unit, who a ruthless enemy is targeting. The cast for the second season includes some familiar faces and some new ones, but as with any adaptation, there will likely be some changes from the book to the screen.

Reacher Season 2 Trailer: It’s not available yet

The trailer for the new season is not available yet, as the production is still in progress. The showrunners have promised to deliver a thrilling and satisfying continuation of the story of Jack Reacher, a former military policeman who travels across the country solving crimes and helping people in need.

Until then, fans can watch the trailer for the first season, which introduces Reacher as he investigates a conspiracy involving his old unit and a mysterious woman. The trailer showcases Reacher’s skills, charisma and sense of justice, as well as the action-packed scenes and plot twists that make the series so engaging.

Similar Shows Like Reacher

If you love Reacher and want to watch more shows like it, here are some suggestions:

  • Bosch: Another Amazon Prime Video series based on a popular book series by Michael Connelly. It follows Harry Bosch, a homicide detective in Los Angeles who solves complex cases while dealing with his own personal demons.
  • Jack Ryan: A thrilling spy drama based on the characters created by Tom Clancy. It stars John Krasinski as Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who gets involved in dangerous missions around the world.
  • The Equalizer: A reboot of the classic TV series starring Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall, a former CIA operative who uses her skills to help people in need.
  • The Blacklist: A crime thriller starring James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a notorious criminal who turns himself in to the FBI and offers to help them catch other criminals in exchange for immunity.
  • Sherlock: A modern adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson, who solve crimes in London using their brilliant minds and unconventional methods.


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