Quotes from “Prison Break”: Rude sayings from prison

In “Prison Break” everything revolves around the inmates and their planned escape. And of course, there are a few memorable quotes in the process. Will there be a Prison Break season 6? Why fans are already hoping for Prison Break Season 7?

Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is serving time on death row at Fox River State Prison. Though the inmate’s evidence looks overwhelming, his brother Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) believes in his innocence – and is plotting his release. Moreover, Michael has a decisive advantage at his fingertips: as an architect, he was instrumental in the construction of the facility. The resourceful structural engineer develops an ingenious escape plan and gets himself admitted to the prison for its implementation, where other fellow inmates quickly join in the scheme. Naturally, so much testosterone in “Prison Break” makes for some pithy quotes, the best of which we won’t withhold from you here.

These are the coolest “Prison Break” quotes.

  • “We are prisoners of our own identities.”
  • “Oh fate, you mysterious bitch.”
  • “The only thing worth fighting for is family.”
  • “Believe me, I can understand why you want to kill that son of a bitch. But if we lose control, we lose everything.”
  • “All I really want is one thing: to not have to be my older brother’s older brother all the time.”
  • “All I see is a black hole, and one fine day they’re going to drag us into it, my friend, that’s for sure. But when it’s my turn, I’m going to take as many of them as I can.”
  • “How are you going to find them? Maybe you’ve got a divining rod tattooed across your ass.”
  • “My God, this is dragging on longer than a spelling bee of stutterers.”
  • “You know what they say about the weather in the Midwest. If you don’t like it, wait an hour.”
  • “I had made my peace with what to expect, and then you come along and give me what someone in my situation can’t have – hope.”
  • “She must think I’ve become a wimp here. Passion… You know, when there’s too many syllables, it comes across as gossipy!”
  • “Are you telling me there’s a hole here in Fox River you don’t want to go in?”
  • “Yeah, I know a lot about concrete.”
  • “Your parents must have been insanely proud of you, man. I mean, you must have been the champion of your trailer park, as racist, pedophile, and stupid as you are.”
  • “Doesn’t a warm hand feel better than a cold blade?”