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Prison Break Season 6: Why Prison Break Was Canceled?

Prison Break’s Return Was a Mistake After Season 4

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“Prison Break” focuses on the two brothers Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). Innocent and sentenced to death, Lincoln sits in prison after that Michael makes it his mission to free Lincoln. He plans to be imprisoned so he can operate from inside the prison. So, what happened to Prison Break season 6 and should it have come back after season 4?

In “Prison Break” everything revolves around the inmates and their planned escape. And of course, there are a few memorable Prison Break quotes in the process.

Ah, Prison Break, the show that had us all on the edge of our seats for five seasons on Fox Network, until it met its ultimate demise. Sadly, a sixth season will never see the light of day. But let’s not forget how big of a success the show was, especially in its early seasons, being one of the earliest shows to be widely binged on Netflix. Prison Break was the epitome of a thrilling show, leaving viewers speculating about the possibility of a sixth-season reboot.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Hey, didn’t they already do a reboot with Prison Break season 5?” Well, technically speaking, yes, they did. However, let’s just say it wasn’t quite the hit that its predecessors were. The original four-season run of Prison Break attracted a massive fan base, and even with season 5’s failings, many were still excited about the prospect of the series continuing.

Prison Break Season 6: Why 6th Season Won’t Happen

Prison Break Season 6: Why 6th Season Won't Happen
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So why did Prison Break get canceled after season 5, you ask? A few things came into play. Firstly, the show was initially canceled after season 4 due to creative problems, despite rumors that it was due to its dip in ratings. Kevin Reilly, then president of Fox Network, made it clear that the show had run its course and all the stories had been told. The writers felt they had nowhere left to take the series after Prison Break season 4 had finished the arc of Prison Break’s Fox River Eight.

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But, fast forward nine years later and Fox renewed the series for a fifth-season reboot. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to expectations, proving that creator Paul Scheuring and Fox president Kevin Reilly were right in their initial assessment of the show being played out. It’s not uncommon for popular television series to run past their optimal length, so Prison Break’s season 5 reboot is just another one to add to the list.

Prison Break Season 6 Was Planned: But Didn’t Happen

Lead actor Dominic Purcell mentioned September 2020 in his Instagram post that it will definitely go on with “Prison Break”.

Prison Break fans, brace yourselves – plans for a sixth season of the show were in the works, but unfortunately, it never came to fruition. Despite the mediocre performance of seasons 4 and 5, Prison Break almost made a comeback. However, Fox seemed to lose interest in the show and eventually pulled the plug on season 6.

The final straw came when Wentworth Miller, who portrayed one of the main characters, Michael Scofield, declined to return for another season. Miller’s reason for not wanting to reprise his role was due to his desire to steer clear of playing straight characters. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to branch out, but it’s still a major bummer for fans.

Clearly, Prison Break had a massive following in its prime, but the show’s return after two cancellations may have been ill-advised. While Fox probably saw dollar signs, it was apparent that the audience had thinned considerably since the show’s peak. Without Miller’s star power, the show had little chance of regaining its former glory.

Looking back, it’s easy to see that the show should have stayed cancelled after season 4. Michael Scofield’s death was the perfect end to his character arc and a natural conclusion to the story. When the show was revived for season 5, it felt like a forced attempt to cash in on its former success.

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Additionally, as the seasons wore on, Prison Break became predictable and formulaic. The whole “break out of prison only to get thrown back in” shtick became stale and tiresome. It was only a matter of time before the show’s mystique wore off completely.

In the end, it’s a good thing that Fox pulled the plug on season 6 before it could do any further damage to the Prison Break legacy. Perhaps it’s best to let the show remain a fond memory of its glory days instead of attempting to revive it for the sake of profit

Why Prison Break Was Better Off Canceled

In hindsight, the return of Prison Break was a disaster waiting to happen. Bringing back a show that had been off the air for years is a precarious move, particularly when the main character, Michael Scofield, met his demise in season 4. Killing him off was the perfect end to his story, but then Prison Break season 5 came along and had to explain away his miraculous survival. Talk about a narrative cop-out!

As if that weren’t enough, the show became stuck in a cycle of repetitive storytelling. Break out of prison, get caught, repeat. Each escape attempt became less impactful, as the inevitable re-imprisonment was a foregone conclusion. With a concept that’s bound to repeat itself, five seasons were already too many.

Prison Break may have been a wild ride, but it eventually became too formulaic to keep its viewers hooked. It’s just as well that Fox put a stop to a sixth season before it could further taint the legacy of this once-popular series. Let’s hope other networks learn from Fox’s example and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Prison Break Season 6 Trailer

A trailer for Prison Break Season 6 has not been released yet; we will update it here when it’s released.

A Look Back: Prison Break Plot and Background

In season 1, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is sentenced to death by an American court for allegedly murdering the brother of the American vice president. Until the execution he sits in the Fox River State Penitentiary prison. His desperate brother Michael (Wentworth Miller), however, believes in Lincoln’s innocence, although the images from a surveillance camera actually speak against it.

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And so it is good that the latter was involved in the reconstruction of the prison as a structural engineer. Michael makes an audacious plan: he robs a bank and lands himself in Fox River State in order to free his brother in a risky escape. In doing so, he relies on help from the inside. The brothers have no choice but to let prison inmates “T-Bag” (Robert Knepper) and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) in on the risky plan, among others. But everyday prison life proves to be a tough test. At the same time, Lincoln’s ex-girlfriend Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney), who is also a lawyer, investigates the case and stumbles upon a conspiracy.

In season 2, eight inmates, including the brothers, manage to break out of Fox River. But the police are hot on the heels of the escapees. In addition, the men are pursued by former guards Bellick and Geary and an obscure FBI agent. It begins a breathless chase across the U.S., in which even the fronts between the escapees are unclear.

Season 3 tells how Michael ends up in Panama in a special prison called Sona, where the inmates are left to their own devices. In the process, he clashes with the ruthless leader Luchero. Outside the walls, Lincoln does everything he can to at least have Michael transferred to a better prison.

The 4th and for the first time last season tells how Michael, after breaking out of Sona, lives only for revenge after Whistler has murdered Sara. In the process, Michael comes across new information regarding the conspiracies surrounding “The Company”.

The 4th season was the provisional conclusion in 2009. Now in 2017, with the new 5th season of “Prison Break”, a revival as a completed mini-series is coming out.


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