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If you think watching chronologically is the best way to enjoy My Hero Academia, think again. We’ve compiled an easy-to-understand My Hero Academia Watch Order.

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One Piece: Manga Chapter 1062 Reveals Surprising Turn to Dr. Vegapunk

The pirate epic One Piece has finally arrived in the Final Saga and it couldn’t be more exciting, because while the events in the world full of devil powers and Haki users are really coming to a head, the Straw Hats are now on the island of the great genius Dr. Vegapunk, inventor of incredible technologies.

The scientist, whom we haven’t seen yet, has, among other things, advanced sea stone research, discovered the secrets of the devil’s powers, deciphered the code of life and realized the Pacifista project. So you can say Vegapunk has a great influence on pretty much all aspects of One Piece.

And he’s also the man who, according to creator Eiichiro Oda, can give us pretty much all the answers to the big questions of the manga/anime. But until he does, it seems that for now he’s just raising more questions, as evidenced by the latest manga chapter 1062, which was released last week.

If you want to know what incredible twist to Dr. Vegapunk was revealed in the latest manga chapter of One Piece, you should of course prepare yourself for massive spoilers. So only read on at your own risk, and only if you really want to know what the mysterious genius has created yet again.

One Piece: The Six Satellites of Dr. Vegapunk (Manga Chapter 1062)

When manga chapter 1061 was released some time ago, fans were just as shocked as the characters in the popular manga series, because Dr. Vegapunk turned out to be a pretty young woman there who wants to get to the bottom of the straw hats. But her claim to be the world-renowned genius led to question marks.

Because from characters who already know Vegapunk, we know that he is not only a man, but also a very old codger. A description that doesn’t have much in common with the girl, which is why the thought quickly arose whether she might not be a clone, a cyborg or otherwise another invention of Vegapunk.

The answer to all these questions is finally provided in manga chapter 1062, where we learn that the woman who brazenly introduced herself as Vegapunk is named Lilith and that she is not the only one who calls herself the chief scientist of the Navy headquarters. Because just a few moments later, we get to know two more.

These are Shaka and Atlas, who also claim to be Dr. Vegapunk. Confusing? Definitely, so it was more than welcome that Ecki, now a member of Cipherpol Aigis 0, explains the whole situation to his comrade Rob Lucci at the end of manga chapter 1062.

According to the story, Dr. Vegapunk is so busy that he needs help with his work, so the scientist has decided to split up among six people. Ecki refers to these six people as satellites, all of whom are Vegapunk as well and help the corresponding queen bee with her work.

Dr. Vegapunk
© Toei Animation Co., Ltd. / Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha
  • Punk 01: Shaka (Logic)
  • Punk 02: Lilith (malice)
  • Punk 03: Edison (sleuthing)
  • Punk 04: Pythagoras (wisdom)
  • Punk 05: Atlas (anger)
  • Punk 06: Yoke (Desire)

By the way, in the original, the satellites in One Piece are written with the kanji for cat, which goes back to a Japanese proverb: Neko No Te Mo Karitai, which means borrowing a cat’s paw. Cats are considered good-for-nothing apart from hunting mice, so you’d have to be really desperate to even consider the help of a cat.

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