My Hero Academia: The manga author already has plans for his next project

My Hero Academia is heading for the end. But manga writer Kohei Horikoshi already has an idea of what his next project might look like.

In a few months, My Hero Academia could be over. If a statement from the creator is to be believed, then the adventures of the superheroes are likely to come to an end this winter. Thus, the manga series* would be over eight years old. However, Kohei Horikoshi does not seem to want to retire yet.

My Hero Academia: Manga author wants to draw horror manga

Kohei Horikoshi
© Kohei Horikoshi

As reported by Comic Book, among others, the 35-year-old already has plans for his next project. In a note on the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, he reveals that he has a “small desire” to draw a horror manga. How seriously he actually means it is unclear.

However, the chances are good. His current series has recently increasingly turned to dark themes and images. It’s quite possible that he feels inspired to fully immerse himself in the horror genre. But he just has to draw a new manga.

Since Horikoshi is still quite young compared to colleagues like Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) or Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), he has all the time to do so. Theoretically, however, he could also quit his job. My Hero Academia has sold over 65 million copies worldwide in manga format alone. The two feature films have also grossed several million US dollars.

In addition, the anime series is far from finished. My Hero Academia Season 6 is scheduled to air on Japanese television in the fall of 2022. The “Paranormal Liberation War” arc will be adapted. Then there are four more storylines of the manga template.