Marvel’s Deadpool 3: Netflix Star Cast to Take on Wolverine and Deadpool in Epic Showdown

There is news from the “Deadpool 3” front: The Marvel production has found a great opponent for Deadpool and Wolverine in “The Crown” star Emma Corrin.

In the debut film, Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, aka mercenary with the big mouth, had to duel with Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel Dust (Gina Carano). In “Deadpool 2”, this bar was raised almost immeasurably because Deadpool had to deal with the eternally grim Nathan Summers, aka Cable (Josh Brolin), who represented a completely different house number as a time-traveling cyborg.

The Marvel movie was a lot of fun. Cable is probably one of the best big-screen villains across all comic book adaptations for quite a few fans, but that has created a not-inconsiderable problem for the team around director Shawn Levy (“Free Guy”) and lead actor and producer Ryan Reynolds: How to top Cable in “Deadpool 3”? The spoiled audience can’t be presented with a villain who can’t hold a candle to Cable. That would be a direct hit on the critics, who say that weak and one-dimensional opponents constantly populate comic book movies.

But apparently, the fans can think themselves on the safe side. As Deadline reports, those responsible have finally found an actress for the big antagonist in “Deadpool 3” – Emma Corrin, known as Lady Diana Spencer in the Netflix hit series “The Crown” and as Esme Winikus in “Pennyworth.” More information about their role (Emma Corrin identifies as non-binary) is, of course, not available at this time; they are – as usual with Marvel Studios – under lock and key.

Emma Corrin
© Netflix

For Corrin herself, these are exciting times, as the TV star has just been confirmed for director Robert Eggers’ (“The Lighthouse”) gothic horror film “Nosferatu” alongside Nicholas Hoult, Bill Skarsgård, Willem Dafoe, Lily-Rose Depp as well as Ralph Ineson. These two productions, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut, could open Corrin to a broad audience. Ryan Reynolds has already personally welcomed Corrin via Twitter:

“New addition to the family! The ‘Deadpool’ family, to be clear (Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively just had their fourth child, ed.). It’s like a real family, only with less swearing… Welcome, Emma Corrin!”

Deadpool 3: Is Emma Corrin possibly playing this character?

We can only speculate about which character Emma Corrin might take on. According to some rumors, Mojo is supposed to play a big role in “Deadpool 3”. The ruler of Mojoworld already found indirect mention in “Deadpool 2” through Rusty, aka Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), who had introduced himself as an alien from that very planet. Tan hinted that Shatterstar could return.

And Mojo has a powerful, six-armed sorceress in Spiral. Her real name is Rita Wayword, she comes from Los Angeles and is an ex-girlfriend of Shatterstar’s father/son paradox Longshot, but she was captured by Mojo and transformed into Spiral. However, Mojo soon loses interest in her and banishes her back to Earth, where she later even becomes part of the X-Force. So is the “Deadpool” series slowly but surely building up the infamous superhero team?