Bridgerton Season 3: Rege-Jean Page comments on the rumors of his Netflix return

The Netflix series “Bridgerton” returns to the streaming service with season 3. Rumor has it that Rege-Jean Page will return as Simon. Now the actor commented on it.

Bridgerton Season 3 Returns in 2023

The drama series “Bridgerton” returns to streaming service Netflix in 2023 with season 3. Allegedly, it is supposed to be a reunion with Rege-Jean Page as Simon Bassett. Now the actor expressed it on Instagram.

Page refuted the rumors. Commenting on a photo of himself and Bridgerton colleague Jonathan Bailey, he wrote: “The boys are back in town. (No, by the way, I’m not coming back to the show – that’s what the newspapers invented.) But we had the best and most stylish conversation I’ve had in a long time, with really excellent Italian coffee and sunshine.”

The British newspaper The Sun reported that there should be talks between Page and the series executives about his return.

“Nothing has been officially agreed yet, but we’ll see what happens. Things are still very uncertain at the moment, but it will undoubtedly be an exciting year for Rege,” an anonymous source told The Sun.

The departure of Rege-Jean Page from the series was a big disappointment for the fans. And the actor’s post again caused disappointment. Many fans asked him to return to the series in the comments. Season 3 will take place without Rege-Jean Page as Simon.