Star Trek: Picard Season 4: Possibly, the series continues

Star Trek: Picard” is on Amazon Prime and Paramount+ with its third and actually final season. If it runs successfully, a fourth season could be possible.

The third season of Star Trek: Picard comes up with a lot of fanservice and can move the minds more than was the case with the first two seasons. The editorial team has also reacted enthusiastically to the new season. Actually, it was announced that the Picard series would get three seasons, but shortly before the start, some remarks by those involved raised hopes for a fourth round. But nothing has been decided yet.

Star Trek: Picard: Season 4 could come if the audience streams proficiently

As TVLine reported, Patrick Stewart and showrunner Alex Kurtzman hinted before the start of the current season that the series may not be over after all. At a press conference, Kurtzman said:

“When we started the series, we talked to Patrick about how we really just wanted to stretch it out over three years. We felt we could tell a complete story, with the current season as the end point. That being said, anything is possible. If the season exceeds expectations, and we certainly hope it does, and are very, very proud of the third season, who knows?”

But of course, in order to produce another season, at least Patrick Stewart would have to be up for it. The actor, now 83, was very positive about that:

“If we can keep the work at the level of the first three seasons of ‘Picard,’ then absolutely, yes. Because there’s still tremendous potential for more story lines, and there are doors left open. We haven’t closed them all.”

From this it can be inferred that the possibility of a fourth season of “Picard” is still there, even though the current episodes have been announced as the finale. With that, it probably depends mainly on streaming views whether there will be another reunion with the cast in the future. Therefore, it is now a matter of waiting until the finale was streamed, then there should soon be news about the further development of the format.