Star Trek: Discovery Season 5: Release Date in 2024

The next season of “Star Trek: Discovery” will be a long time coming. It comes with sad news for fans. How and when Star Trek: Discovery season 5 will continue, you can read here.

Since the fourth season of “Star Trek: Discovery,” the series is no longer online on Netflix in some countries, but fans can now find all episodes of the series at the streaming service Paramount+. Those with a Prime subscription can also book the Paramount+ channel there.

Even real Trekkies may have missed one or two interesting or curious facts about Starfleet? The video introduces you to 15 of them, see for yourself if you already know them all:

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 is the end of the series! Release date?

A Twitter post from the official account broke the sad news. After five seasons, there will be no more reunion with Captain Burnham and her crew. In addition to this announcement, it is now certain that the season will no longer start this year, but will only appear on Paramount+ in 2024. However, as “Star Trek” showrunner Alex Kurtzman writes in a terse statement, fans should trust that this wait will be worth it. Michael Burnham actress Sonequa Martin-Green also sends warm words of farewell to all involved in this tweet, so the end of the series seems certain. Things could be different for “Star Trek: Picard”, because the current third season was announced as the finale, but Kurtzman and Picard actor Patrick Stewart have hinted that a fourth season of “Picard” might be possible after all.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Plot: What’s next?

With the fourth season of “Star Trek: Discovery,” the time jump is complete and the crew begins a new life, so to speak, under the leadership of Captain Michael Burnham. In season four, Discovery primarily gets to the bottom of a space anomaly that destroyed Book’s planet. Book and Tilly have been lost as main characters for the time being, but we can expect guest appearances from both of them in the fifth season. We may also see Tilly again in another series. In terms of content, “Star Trek: Discovery,” which was set ten years before the events of the original series in the first season, now has no limits thanks to the time jump. The crew can evolve and new adventures in space are still endless. However, as we now know, the stories we will still experience with this crew are unfortunately limited to a total of five seasons after all.

Regarding the concrete plans, there is already an interview of the director Olatunde Osunsanmi with Screenrant and there it sounds that the fifth season wants to refer more to the original Star Trek series. In what way exactly, he doesn’t say, but it’s not necessarily about characters or stories, but more about the processes, the themes and how the stories are told. Maybe less action and exploding things and more philosophy, ethics and science? After all, the series has moved a bit in that direction in recent years.

Hard times for lonely Starfleet captain

One thing is certain: Captain Michael Burnham will have to lead a long-distance relationship in space from now on and do without a close girlfriend on board. Although Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala) doesn’t have to go to jail for his actions, he is instead obligated to help refugees who have lost their homes because of the DMA. We will definitely see him less often. And we also had to say goodbye to Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman), as she has decided to accept Kovich’s (David Cronenberg) offer to teach at Starfleet Academy. This again gave much reason to discuss whether Wiseman is scheduled for a new “Star Trek” Starfleet Academy spin-off, which has also been much discussed.

More adventures on alien planets with new species in the 32nd century

In addition, a new alien race with an exciting form of communication has entered the picture. The species, which so far goes by the name 10-C, is still unknown in the universe and not at all similar to humanoids. More contacts and insights will surely await us in the next season.