Sleepy Hollow Season 5: The fantasy series ends after Season 4?

The adventures of Ichabod Crane are unfortunately finally over, because Sleepy Hollow season 5 will no longer be released. Probably not a big surprise for the fans.

Even though the figure of the “horseman without a head” already appeared in earlier literary works, the actual idea for the story comes from the American writer Washington Irving. It is set during the American Revolutionary War and is about the scary small town called “Sleepy Hollow“, which is located near New York. There it is said that the spirit of a Hessian mercenary in the form of a headless rider is up to mischief. Some ruthless murders occur in the area, in which the victims are mysteriously beheaded. Ichabod Crane, a country schoolmaster from Connecticut, takes on the ominous task of solving the series of murders.

What is the series “Sleepy Hollow” about?

The US television series “Sleepy Hollow” from 2013 is slightly based on the humorous narrative style of the feature film, but moves the plot into the 21st century. Former history professor and soldier Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) wakes up in a remote cave, although he actually succumbed to his war wounds 250 years ago. When he is suspected shortly afterwards of the murder in which the victim was beheaded, he already suspects that the murderer could be the mercenary he had beheaded himself in a great battle in 1781.

The local police of the city “Sleepy Hollow”, who are investigating the case, initially stamp him as mentally ill and want to send him to a psychiatric institution. However, Lieutenant Abby Mills (Nicole Beharie), whose partner Sheriff August Corbin (Clancy Brown) also fell victim to the murderer, feels responsible for finding the perpetrator and takes Ichabod Crane under her wing. The reason? She feels a strange connection to the man, which has to do with a terrifying experience in her childhood.

Will there ever be a Sleepy Hollow Season 5?

The TV channel FOX has officially discontinued “Sleepy Hollow” after four seasons and 62 episodes. The series had once started as a great success with critics and viewers, because those responsible had succeeded in cleverly and shrewdly moving the gothic film of the same name with Johnny Depp into the modern age. But as early as season 2, the series revealed clear narrative weaknesses that had an extremely negative impact on ratings (via Vulture). When Nicole Beharie also left the series in season 3, the end of “Sleepy Hollow” was actually already foreseeable.

Nevertheless, Fox produced a 4th season, which was a kind of mini-reboot. The show’s audience had been whittled down from its 10 million-viwer debut to around 2 million per episode (via Variety).

In it, Ichabod goes on a search for supernatural events in a different setting and with different companions. But even this did not help the series out of its ratings slump. Sleepy Hollow Season 5 will no longer appear.

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