Shenmue anime discontinued? Second season is unlikely

Shenmue, the anime adaptation of the popular video game series, launched earlier this year. There will probably not be a second season.

Why Shenmue season 2 is not coming?

Anime adaptations of successful video games are now almost part of the good tone. That’s why fans were hardly surprised when a series based on the action classic Shenmue appeared on the TV channel Adult Swim in February of this year. Streaming provider Crunchyroll has also secured the rights.

Those who now expect a sequel are likely to be disappointed. Thus, Jason DeMarco, the senior vice president of anime and action series at Warner Bros Animation and Cartoon Network pointed out via Twitter that although the first season was successful, those responsible have decided not to commission a second season. Perhaps “one day” the series could be continued.

While the first season of Shenmue has been removed from Adult Swim, it is still available for viewing on Crunchyroll. The streaming service is showing the anime in its entirety in the original audio with English subtitles. The plot follows Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of the video games, as he seeks revenge on his father’s murderer.