Sex/Life Season 3: Will the erotic drama go into the next round on Netflix?

Actually, after the second season everything looks like a happy ending for Billie (Sarah Shahi), Cooper (Mike Vogel) and Brad (Adam Demos). But it would probably not be the first time that Netflix decides to continue with another season. For fans, the question is whether new erotic adventures are in store for Sex/Life Season 3.

Sex/Life Season 3 Still Uncertain: What about the erotic series?

A few Netflix series have the good fortune to be renewed for another season even before the A few are lucky enough to be renewed for another season even before new episodes are broadcast – as recently happened with “Outer Banks” Season 4. However, this does not apply to Sex/Life Season 3. So far, Netflix has not revealed whether an extension is planned.

However, the sixth and final episode of the second season ends without a cliffhanger and gives everyone involved a happy ending: Cooper plans to propose to Emily (Hannah Galway). Moreover, after a clarifying conversation, he is finally at peace with Billie. Her best friend, Sasha (Margaret Odette), has also found great happiness in Kam (Cleo Anthony), finally reuniting Billie with the love of her life, Brad. In the last minutes, we see their dream wedding and learn that she is pregnant. She could hardly have imagined it more fairytale-like.

So going by the ending, it doesn’t seem like Netflix has a third season planned. But the streaming service is always good for surprises and will probably leave a decision open until the first audience figures arrive. But it would be best if you didn’t get your hopes up too high at this point.

Sex/Life Season 3 Release Date

Since Netflix has not yet given the green light for Sex/Life season 3, we can only speculate about a possible start date for new episodes. It usually takes a year before a new season appears on the streaming service. In the case of “Sex/Life,” however, those responsible took considerably more time: 20 months passed between seasons 1 and 2. Should Netflix stick to this rhythm, Season 3 would not premiere until the end of 2024. Depending on how quickly a possible sequel gets the go-ahead, it would of course be possible to hope for an earlier date.

Sex/Life Season 3 Plot: What happens next?

Since the second season doesn’t really leave any questions unanswered, it’s hard to see what a third season of “Sex/Life” might be about. Maybe Billie’s dream of a fairy tale will turn out to be a flop after all – or the series will shift the focus to ex-husband Cooper. At least we didn’t find out how Emily reacted to his proposal. New episodes may also focus on the next generation since Billie and Brad will eventually have their third child.

If Netflix commissions a third season, things will certainly heat up again.