School Days Season 2: Will there be another season?

The controversial anime School Days was first broadcast in Japan in 2007. In the meantime, the series is also available in English. Is a sequel realistic?

Based on the adventure game of the same name, the studio TNK released the controversial anime series School Days in 2007. Despite or because of the numerous criticisms, School Days was able to reach a broad audience worldwide. School Days Season 2 would not be completely improbable, yet the chances are slim.

School Days Season 2: Release date

The TV premiere of School Days was more than 16 years ago. In addition, the makers have not yet announced a sequel. Although two OVAs were released afterward, the franchise is far from a School Days Season 2 because the plot is already completed.

Here’s what it’s about: 16-year-old Makoto Itou falls in love with his beautiful classmate Kotonoha Katsura and begins a relationship with her. His classmate Sekai Saionji actively supports him in love matters, including with her body. Makoto wants to quickly become more intimate with Kotonoha and take the relationship to the next level. However, she is not ready yet.

Since May 2021, the anime is also available in English. So if you’ve only seen the series with subtitles, you can watch it again in English. The DVD and Blu-ray editions can be purchased at Amazon, among other places. We will keep you posted if a School Days Season 2 is announced at some point.

School Days: Story

High school student Makoto Itou first notices Kotonoha Katsura at the start of his second semester, the first year. Immediately, he becomes entranced by her beauty, but his bashfulness doesn’t allow him to approach her, even though they ride the same train daily. Instead, he snaps a photo of her in secret and sets it as his cell phone’s wallpaper: a charm that, if kept under wraps, would supposedly help you realize your love. However, classmate Sekai Saionji spots the picture, but instead of ratting him out, she offers to help set him up with Kotonoha—going so far as befriending her just for him. Thus, the trio begins a rather impromptu friendship.

School Days follows the lives of these three teenagers as they traverse the joys and hardships that come with being a high schooler. In a story alive and brimming with romance and melancholy, the tale of these three students will linger in the memory long after the momentous conclusion.

Possible School Days Season 2 Synopsis by Fan (u/romansparta)

In 2014, on the Reddit Anime subreddit, a fan of the School Days anime username u/romansparta posted a possible School Days Season 2 plot. You can read below, also on Reddit.

After being traumatized by seeing the love of her life, Makoto Itou, die at the hands of the demented Sekai Saionji, of whom he was also a lover, Kotohana Katsura would never be the same again. After having severed Makoto’s head from his body and having ended Sekai’s life, Katsura vowed to herself that they would never be separated again as they drifted into the sunset on her yacht. However, the Japan Coast Guard found her after 3 days of drifting aimlessly, recognizing her as responsible for Sekai’s inhumane death. Even though her actions were in self-defense, Katsura, while not sentenced for murder, became infamous for being a violent necrophiliac. This is the beautiful tale of a girl who, with a mind permanently scarred by horrible events, is trying to conform to society and find love (having been forced to give up the decaying head of Makoto) once more. Animated by Studio Ghibli and directed by the award-winning, critically acclaimed director of titles such as Princess Mononoke and The Wind Rises, Hayao Miyazaki has “crafted a timeless masterpiece for generations to enjoy” and “will bring tears to the eyes of even the most emotionally inept.”

Will you watch it if this becomes season 2?

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