Physical: 100 Season 2: Will the reality show continue?

In “Physical: 100” the participants face a stressful competition. Find out here whether they will also be competing against each other in Physical: 100 Season 2.

With “Physical: 100” a reality show that has it all has been launched on Netflix. In the style of “Ninja Warrior,” the participants compete in physically and mentally demanding disciplines. However, an outstanding physical condition is not enough – the tasks also require pronounced mental strength. The reward for the toil and agony: prize money of 300 million won, the equivalent of over 220,000 euros. Will there be 100 competitors again in Physical: 100 Season 2?

Physical: 100 Season 2: What about a second season?

What convinced the reality show’s audience are probably not only the tasks reminiscent of “Squid Game,” but also the many different character heads who fight for the prize money in the South Korean format. After all, the participants all come from different backgrounds: From artistic gymnastics to baseball, Pilates, dance, wrestling and Olympic participation, the competitors all have different sports backgrounds. Fitness model Florian is a German who has been living in South Korea for several years and has over 85,000 followers on Instagram. Within a short time, the reality show has triggered a real hype that has even encouraged fans to copy a challenge. On February 21, 2023, the finale revealed who had demonstrated the most mental and physical resilience – but what about a second season of “Physical: 100”? Currently, nothing is known about a continuation of the successful Netflix show. Fans of the format will have to wait until an official announcement is made.

Reality show alternatives to Physical: 100 season 2

Those who want to bridge the time until a possible second season of “Physical: 100” with other reality shows will find a few suitable alternatives on Netflix:

“The Circle”: a prize of $100,000 is on offer in this reality format. The participants live isolated from each other in their own apartments and communicate only via an Internet platform – on which they present themselves and rate each other. Ultimately, the most popular participant wins. You can find the show on Netflix.

“Selling Sunset”: The Oppenheim Group’s real estate brokerage company runs its business in Los Angeles with great success, especially since its wealthy clientele isn’t exactly stingy. But a competitive struggle among the employed brokers takes its toll on the women’s personal and professional lives. You can see how the rich and beautiful fare by subscribing to Netflix.

“Love Makes You Blind”: In the experimental dating format, the love seekers enter small capsules and look closely at their counterparts – but can’t see each other. Is a beautiful voice enough to make you fall in love? Whether that’s enough to find true love is something you can watch on Netflix.