Moon Knight Season 2: Will the series continue after all?

Actually, “Moon Knight” was supposed to be a miniseries. But fans can still hope for a sequel.

In “Moon Knight,” Oscar Isaac gets to play a Marvel hero for the first time. After Disney+ sent fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on an exciting, funny and sometimes scary journey, it was unfortunately already over after six episodes. Those who follow the God of the Moon may wonder what will happen next, but we have the answer.

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date: When will it launch on Disney+?

With the exception of “Loki,” the MCU series have not yet been renewed for a follow-up season. Instead, their stories are continued in other Marvel movies (Wanda in “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness”) or their fate is still pending (Hawkeye Season 2). For a long time, “Moon Knight” could not be counted among the latter, because even before the start of the new series it was announced that there would be no second season. This situation may have changed now, all thanks to a TikTok video:

In the short clip, director Mohamed Diab is asked if there will be a second season of “Moon Knight.” Before he can answer the question, lead actor Oscar Isaac pops up and shouts into the camera, “Why else would we be in Cairo?”

Granted, the short clip shouldn’t be considered an official announcement, nor is the fact that a second season of “Moon Knight” wasn’t mentioned at San Diego Comic-Con a good sign. The fact that Diab shared the clip on his official Twitter account, on the other hand, may make fans a little hopeful. After all, the director still has some ideas up his sleeve.

MCU out for “Moon Knight”? Director has big plans

The fact that “Moon Knight” may only get one season does not necessarily mean that Oscar Isaac’s days in the MCU are numbered. It’s much more likely that the six episodes of the series will be used to tell the backstory of his superhero, so that he can act with other superheroes in other films in the franchise. In an interview with Gamesradar, “Moon Knight” director Mohamed Diab revealed that he hopes to see Oscar Isaac and the Moon Knight in one film.

“I can tell you for sure that I can see [the Moon Knight] in the next ten years, not just in the next movie. He’s a fascinating character. He’s probably the most interesting character an actor can play. Oscar is doing a great job. People like him just from the trailer. I think the series will resonate with people and I see [Moon Knight] being [in the MCU, editor’s note] for a long time.

Lead actor Oscar Isaac is also interested in more projects. In our interview (see above), he reveals that there are currently no future plans for his role. However, it is extremely unlikely that MCU architect Kevin Feige has nothing planned. Presumably, the actor didn’t want to spoil anything at this point so as not to spoil the surprise. Until we find out what the future holds for Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Plot

A Jewish Marvel superhero with a dissociative identity disorder and various personas fighting for supremacy – Moon Knight is all of these. Once born Marc Spector, the CIA agent and US Marine became a mercenary. After a failed operation in the Middle East, he was actually dying, but was able to continue walking the Earth thanks to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. As a servant and avatar of the Moon God, Marc Spector became the Moon Knight.

In order to gain access to upper and lower class criminals, he uses two different identities: Steven Grant, a rich entrepreneur and Jake Lockley, a simple cab driver in New York City. Later, it will turn out that these two identities may have been dormant in Marc Spector since childhood and only emerged through the connection to Khonshu. The complex personalities not only fight for supremacy in the underworld, but have a strong connection to Egyptian mythology.