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Isekai Quartet Season 3: Release Date, News, Story, and Trailer

Straight out of Kadokawa, Isekai Quartet breathes fresh air for the isekai fans. While it ended in March 2020, many asked about Isekai Quartet Season 3. When will it happen? This is everything you should know about Isekai Quartet Season 3.

About Isekai Quartet

While it has no manga series, Isekai Quartet is an anime series created by Kadokawa. As the name states, Isekai Quartet tells about a crossover between isekai-themed series released by Kadokawa, such as KonoSuba, Overlord, Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil. Set in a fictional high school, the protagonists of these isekai series are shown in chibi style.

In June 2018, Kadokawa announced Isekai Quartet project through a dedicated website. Studio Puyukai (Macross Delta: Delta Shougekijou, Overlord [OVA]) handles the animation. Minoru Ashina directs and writes the series while Minoru Takehara acts as chief animation director and character designer. Airing on Crunchyroll, the series ran from April to June 2019 with 12 episodes. The main casts of the Isekai Quartet anime are:

  • Konosuba:
    • Kazuma Sato: Jun Fukushima
    • Aqua: Sora Amamiya
    • Megumin: Rie Takahashi
    • Darkness (Lalatina Dustiness Ford): Ai Kayano
  • Overlord:
    • Ainz Ooal Gown: Satoshi Hino
    • Albedo: Yumi Hara
    • Shalltear Bloodfallen: Sumire Uesaka
    • Aura Bella Fiora: Emiri Kato
    • Demiurge: Masayuki Kato
  • Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World:
    • Subaru Natsuki: Yusuke Kobayashi
    • Emilia: Rie Takahashi
    • Rem: Inori Minase
    • Ram: Rie Murakawa
  • The Saga of Tanya the Evil:
    • Tanya von Degurechaff: Aoi Yuki
    • Visha (Viktoria ivanovna Serebryakov): Saori Hayami
    • Matheus Johann Weiss: Daiki Hamano
    • Vooren Grantz: Yusuke Kobayashi

The anime received a positive reaction with a score of 7.4 out of 10 based on more than 206,000 votes on MyAnimeList. Then, in June 2019, Kadokawa announced that the anime would receive a second season. Not only Crunchyroll but also Muse Communication streams the second season in ASEAN and South Asia regions through its official YouTube channel. The series ran from January to March 2020 with 12 episodes as well.

While the main casts return, the anime includes two more isekai series, The Rising of the Shield Hero and Cautious Hero (whose characters appear as cameos). Here are the additional casts in season 2:

  • The Rising of the Shield Hero:
    • Naofumi Iwatani: Kaito Ishikawa
    • Raphtalia: Asami Seto
    • Filo: Rina Hidaka
  • Cautious Hero:
    • Seiya Ryuuguuin: Yuichiro Umehara
    • Ristarte: Aki Toyosaki

Isekai Quartet Season 3 Trailer

According to MyAnimeList, the second season also scored positively with 7.4 out of 10 from more than 133,000 votes. Therefore, isekai fans are demanding Isekai Quartet Season 3. So, will there be a third season for Isekai Quartet? Good news, yes, Isekai Quartet Season 3 is in the making.

Isekai Quartet Season 3: Release Date, News, Story, And Trailer
@ Muse Communication

In the final episode of season 2, after the credit rolls, the curtain is lifted up to the announcement that the “Production of sequel confirmed”. Hence, fans of the Isekai Quartet get the certainty of a third-season renewal. However, up until this day, Kadokawa has not released any trailer for Isekai Quartet Season 3.

Release Date for Isekai Quartet Season 3 (Speculation!)

Another unfortunate news is that Kadokawa, Studio Puyukai, and the Isekai Quartet team have not decided when to drop the announcement of Isekai Quartet Season 3. However, in June 2022, the anime received a movie adaptation, Isekai Quartet The Movie -Another World-, which runs almost 2 hours and airs on Crunchyroll.

『劇場版 異世界かるてっと ~あなざーわーるど~』特報|2022.6.10公開

Besides Kadokawa, Studio Puyukai might be taking their time to announce the third season of the anime when it is actually ready. While there is not much on their plate, the studio is currently working on Nights with a Cat or Yoru wa Neko to Issho, an anime adaptation of a manga of the same name by Kyuryu Z. The anime itself tells about the daily life of Kyuruga, a cat, and Fuuta, its owner. Airing in 2019, the anime has been renewed for a second season and is airing since March 2023.

The question is, will the third season of Isekai Quartet be announced in the near future? It might be. While there was a 6-month interval between season 1 and season 2, Kadokawa might announce Isekai Quartet season 3 in Q2 or Q3 2023 with the third season airing in later 2023 or early 2024. Nevertheless, it is just a prediction, and the decision lies on Kadokawa and Studio Puyukai.

Potential Story of Isekai Quartet Season 3

The same casts and production staff may return for the third season. Besides the main roster, there might also be more isekai protagonists from Kadokawa’s own.

The second season saw Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero and Seiya from Cautious Hero as the additions. Who else will star in Isekai Quartet Season 3? There are various rumors, but most notably, Isekai Quartet Season 3 might take isekai titles, such as:

  • Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense
  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
  • Farming Life in Another World
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

However, take this with a grain of salt. Until Isekai Quartet season 3 gets announced, you might want to watch the first and the second season and the movie. While the third season’s story might be different, Isekai Quartet is a delightful watch after such a tiring day.

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