Free! Season 4: Is another season in the planning?

After three seasons, the waters at the Iwatobi Swim Club remain calm for now. Does this mean the end or can fans hope for Free! Season 4 of the anime series “Free!“?

In the Iwatobi Swimming Club, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin have engaged in 37 episodes of breathtaking competition, love and celebration. Fans can access the seasons released so far in this country via Netflix. After the last season for the time being was released in the summer of 2019, the question arose as to what would happen next with the adventures of the high school students. An announcement on the Free! Season 4 has not yet been published. Are the scriptwriters running out of ideas, or does “Free!” end Season 3 without a conciliatory series finale?

Future of “Free!”: What about Free! Season 4?

The reason for the silence around the future of the series lies in the changed plans of the creators. Production shifts and flexible action in times of crisis led to a new strategy: Instead of another season, the creative minds of the responsible production company Kyoto Animation will prepare a film that will seamlessly follow the end of season 3. However, they are focusing on the continuation of the plot. In contrast to the previous films “Free! – Timeless Medley #1: The Bond,” “Free! – Timeless Medley #2: The Promise” and “Free! Dive To The Future”, which merely summarized seasons 1 to 3 as a film version, the new film tells a completely new story, Here’s a guide on Free! Watch Order. The training at the swim club will thus definitely continue!

Long breath for “Free!” necessary: Free! Season 4 Release Date

Thus, fans should look into the future of the popular anime series with one laughing and one crying eye. Whether a continuation of the classic series seasons is thus generally suspended, is not known. However, the fact is that with the announced film, the chances of new adventures are given. Nevertheless, “Free!” fans will have to be patient: Due to the current Corona situation and an arson attack on the production offices, work on the film has been suspended for the time being. The release has thus been postponed indefinitely. A start in the second half of 2023 is thus likely. An interim status that certainly does not meet with unlimited enthusiasm from every series fan. The good news is that the stories about Haruka and his friends will undoubtedly be continued.