Enola Holmes 3: These open questions from part 2 still need to be answered

Even though Enola Holmes 2 solved many mysteries and criminal cases, there are still some unanswered questions. Which of them could be answered in a possible new sequel, “Enola Holmes 3”, we reveal to you.

“Enola Holmes 2” could also thrill Netflix viewers. It’s quite possible that the adventures of the up-and-coming detective will get another sequel. There would be plenty of potential for new stories, exciting new cases and characters.

So what could happen in a third film? Which storylines will be taken up again and which new characters will be established. In any case, there are still some unanswered questions that make us hope for “Enola Holmes 3”.

Where is Mycroft Holmes?

Enola Holmes 3: These Open Questions From Part 2 Still Need To Be Answered
Enola Holmes © Netflix

Sherlock’s brother is of a very different ilk than his siblings. Mycroft made a few brief appearances in the first “Enola Holmes” film, but there is no trace of him in the sequel. Likewise, there is no explanation as to where he might be.

An unsatisfactory but simple explanation is that Mycroft actor Sam Claflin was unfortunately unable to work on the second film due to scheduling difficulties. For the potential third, which has yet to be announced by Netflix, things could look different again, though.

Mycroft always appeared more as an antagonist, but he also cared about his family. Although he wanted to constrain and control Enola, to make her a “classic Victorian lady,” as the head of the family he also worried about his youngest sister because of her mother’s absence.

It would be most intriguing to observe how the Holmes dynamic would work upon Mycroft’s return. In particular, his relationship with Sherlock could be explored more in the future.

Will Tewkesbury become Enola’s sidekick?

Enola Holmes 3: These Open Questions From Part 2 Still Need To Be Answered
Enola Holmes © Netflix

Viscount Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge) and Enola Holmes have already experienced a lot together. In their first adventure, the young detective helped Tewkesbury foil a plot against him by his grandmother.

Tewkesbury’s liberal political views got him into a lot of trouble with his traditionally-minded family. In return, however, he met a like-minded person and potential partner in Enola. In “Enola Holmes 2” Tewkesbury is a reformist in the House of Lords and continues to try to win Enola’s heart.

After helping Enola’s brother Sherlock solve a case together, they confessed their feelings to each other. Will he become Enola’s sidekick and perhaps more? How long-lasting will a romance between the two be? The shrewd Tewkesbury would certainly have what it takes to be Enola’s “Dr. Watson” companion.

Will the Holmes siblings Enola and Sherlock work together again?

Enola Holmes 3: These Open Questions From Part 2 Still Need To Be Answered
Enola Holmes © Netflix

When it comes to cleverness and a talent for solving puzzles, Enola is in no way inferior to her big brother Sherlock. Together, the two are even more unbeatable. Their collaboration in “Enola Holmes 2” was one of the most beautiful storylines of the film.

Since their respective cases were related, Enola and Sherlock decided to work together. Also with the help of Tewkesbury, they were even able to confront the criminal mastermind Mira Troy aka Moriarty.

However, in order not to be in the shadow of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, Enola decided that she would like to make her own name. So a permanent team-up can be ruled out for now.

But it could be, and would be quite plausible in little big London, that one day their paths of detective work will cross again. Possibly in the next film or a series spin-off.

Will Moriarty return?

The great antagonist, long in hiding, was Moriarty. The great nemesis of Sherlock Holmes from the books, is embodied in the film adaptation “Enola Holmes 2” by Sharon Duncan-Brewster.

Although Sherlock and Enola were able to put an end to her doings for the time being, Moriarty is too important, interesting and also clever a character to put him in the “former villain” drawer after just one film.

Mira Troy/Moriarty was and is known primarily for manipulation and a perfidious deviousness. So it is quite possible that even after a setback and behind bars she will be able to spin her webs and return. In the future, she could thus become the nemesis of both Sherlock and Enola.

Will we learn why Enola’s mother Eudoria keeps abandoning her?

The relationship between Eudoria Holmes and her children is not an easy one. With her daughter Enola, it is special, both tragic and warm and caring, in the Holmes way. Enola’s urge to become a detective comes right at her 16th birthday, the day her mother leaves her for the first time.

The clues Eudoria leaves her daughter animate Enola more and more to throw herself into the world of puzzles and detective work. But Eudoria is not a really good mother in the classical sense.

Eudoria is a member of a militant group that uses extreme means to fight for women’s rights. However, she never explains exactly what she is doing, where she is and why she keeps disappearing.

In “Enola Holmes 2” she and her ally Edith (Susie Wokoma) help her daughter out of trouble. After the successful prison break, however, she disappears again just as quickly. Will we see more of the mother-daughter relationship, Eudoria’s shady but exciting missions and the fantastic Helena Bonham Carter in the future?

What can we expect from John Watson’s performance

The famous sidekick and best friend of Sherlock Holmes from the Arthur Conan Doyle novels is, of course, John Watson. This was introduced in a wonderfully funny sequence at the end of “Enola Holmes 2” and introduced to the movie Enola Holmes world.

Through him, Enola lets her brother Sherlock know that she is not (yet) ready to give up her own journey and join him as a co-detective. In Watson, she introduces him to another potential partner and roommate.

In the future, the “Holmes-Netflix franchise” could move closer to the books again through Watson and Sherlock. A separate movie or series about them and the beginning of their friendship and partnership and their first cases together would be possible.

Can we expect more Sherlock Holmes characters?

The introduction of Moriarty and Watson, arguably two of the most essential characters from Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, leaves room for more characters to make it into a Netflix adaptation.

Possible and well-placed additional characters, whether for Enola or for Sherlock, would be: Irene Adler, Mary Morstan and Colonel Sebastian Moran. Some of them have already been featured in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films and were able to thrill viewers. So why not bring them to Netflix?