Edens Zero Season 2 has a Release Date

The intergalactic adventures of Shiki and Rebecca finally continue: Season 2 of Edens Zero is set to launch on Netflix in April 2023.

Netflix has become one of the most important platforms for anime fans over the past few years. The streaming service now hosts quite a few animated series and movies from Japan, including numerous in-house productions. Edens Zero is one of them.

Edens Zero Season 2: To be released in April 2023

Since last fall, fans have been waiting for new episodes of the intergalactic anime series. Now we finally know when the Edens Zero Season 2 will be released on Netflix. Although we do not have an exact release date but next year’s April is the premiere for the second season. The responsible parties revealed the start date via Twitter:

In addition, a new teaser trailer was released, which you can watch in the linked tweet. The sequel is once again being made at Studio J.C.Staff with the difference that this time Toshinori Watabe (Tokyo Ghoul:re) is directing instead of Shinji Ishihara (Fairy Tail). Mitsutaka Hirota (Bakumatsu Rock) takes over the series composition.

The manga of the same name penned by Hiro Mashima continues to serve as the content template. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s no wonder. Mashima is also the creator of Fairy Tail, one of the most successful manga ever. The series sold over 72 million copies worldwide and finally ended in July 2017 after over eleven years of regular publication.

Edens Zero Season 2 Visual

Edens Zero Season 2 Visual
Edens Zero © J.C.Staff

Eden’s Zero Plot

At Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park, Shiki has lived his entire life among machines. But one day, Rebecca and her cat companion Happy appear at the park’s front gates. Little do these newcomers know that this is the first human contact Granbell has had in a hundred years. As Shiki stumbles his way into making new friends, his former neighbors stir at an opportunity for a robo-rebellion…And when his old homeland becomes too dangerous, Shiki must join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship and escape into the boundless cosmos.