A Million Little Things Season 5: US broadcaster ABC extends drama series

The drama series “A Million Little Things” receives a 5th season from US channel ABC. We tell you everything about the start, plot, trailer and cast of the A Million Little Things Season 5 new episodes.

  • US broadcaster ABC is giving the drama series “A Million Little Things” a 5th season.
  • This will probably appear in the fall of 2022 or early 2023 in the U.S on Disney+.
  • Also in A Million Little Things season 5, all the main actors and actresses should return again.

The drama dyad series “A Million Little Things” returns to US broadcaster ABC with season 5. The channel just announced this on Instagram. What is known so far about the new season, you will learn below.

A Million Little Things Season 5: Release Date

A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date

Currently, there is no exact release date. Based on the previous seasons, we can probably expect the broadcast in the fall of 2022 or early 2023 on ABC.

A Million Little Things Season 5 brings conclusion to ABC series

In early 2023, ABC will launch the fifth season of the drama series A Million Little Things, which will then probably also bring closure. The decision to discontinue the format soon had been made by mutual agreement.

A week and a half ago, the series phenomenon “This Is Us” came to an end on NBC. For six seasons, it made viewers laugh, sympathize and, above all, cry, and its success proved that true-to-life, emotional stories with which many viewers can identify have an even greater appeal than many superhero, science fiction or action series. Millions of people have taken the Pearsons into their hearts, and when they said goodbye, the consumption of tissues among TV viewers certainly skyrocketed.

Anyone who already misses “This Is Us” and is looking for a comparable series about life, love, the blows of fate, tragedies and triumphs of everyday life, can hardly get past “A Million Little Things”. ABC’s series was the most successful of the several tearjerkers that, inspired by the success of “This Is Us,” tried to swim in its wake. The series is about a close circle of friends who are deeply shaken by the suicide of one of their ranks. The tragedy gradually brings to light intrigues and secrets within the circle of friends that cause all of its members to take a fresh look at their lives.

Unlike “This Is Us,” “A Million Little Things” didn’t make much of a dent in the zeitgeist, and also matched the ratings level of the NBC drama series. By total viewers, the fourth “A Million Little Things” season was only the sixth most successful of ABC’s eight drama series in the 2021/2022 TV season, but that was apparently enough for the series to recently be officially renewed for a 5th season. However, for the first time, this will not start in the fall, as was previously the case, but only in the midseason, i.e. sometime next year. The later start could indicate a shorter season, after the fourth season with 20 episodes was the longest of the series so far. In addition, industry portal Deadline writes that the fifth season may be the last of the series. Negotiations are still underway.

A Million Little Things Season 5: Plot

A Million Little Things Season 5 Plot

In the season 4 finale, the strength of Maggie and Gary’s relationship is put to the test once again. Rome makes a sacrifice for a student in need, Theo turns to an unusual person to help his mother through a difficult time, and Eddie learns a shocking secret about Anna.

Thus, in A Million Little Things season 5 we will learn if Maggie and Gary’s relationship has a future and how Eddie will deal with Anna’s secret.

A Million Little Things Season 5: Trailer

Since the series has just been renewed, there is no trailer yet. As soon as one is released, you’ll find it here. Till then you can take a look back at season 4.

A Million Little Things Season 5: Cast

Also in the new episodes we should see “Grimm” lead David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville, Romany Malco as Rome Howard, “Psych” lead James Roday as Gary Mendez, Stephanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon and Allison Miller (“Dead Girls Don’t Lie”) as Maggie Bloom.

In addition, “Hawaii Five-0” actress Grace Park as Katherine Kim, Christina Moses as Regina Howard and Lizzy Greene (“Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”) as Sophie Dixon are expected to return.

A Million Little Things season 5 main cast:

  • David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville
  • Romany Malco as Rome Howard
  • Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom
  • James Roday Rodriguez as Gary Mendez
  • Christina Moses as Regina Howard
  • Grace Park as Katherine Kim