1899: That’s why you should definitely watch the new mystery series on Netflix in the original sound!

1899” on Netflix is about an immigrant ship, where numerous cultures come together. However, you won’t notice any of this in the dubbed version, which is why you should opt for the original version!

In 1899, numerous immigrants board a ship in Southampton, London, which is supposed to take them to New York. They all have different dreams, secrets and of course languages, as Germans, French, Italians, Danes, Chinese and more gather here.

It goes without saying that there will be communication problems when the passengers want to communicate with each other. This is precisely the aspect depicted in the Netflix series “1899.” Men, women and children speak their national language, sometimes they can communicate in English, but not always.

In the dubbed version, however, this confusion of languages, which contributes a lot to the mood of the series, is completely lost. Here, everything has been translated, in other words, every character speaks.

This often causes confusion, namely whenever a character says something and is then only hushed up by the other character. In the original sound we know: These two characters do not speak the same language, they do not understand each other.

Logically, there are also repeated moments in which characters translate what is being said for other passengers or simply remark that they do not understand what is being said. In these situations, the dubbed version simply changes the content of these sentences with filler phrases like “Keep talking!” or “Do you believe what he’s saying?”.

This works, unless you know that there are actually numerous languages clashing here. However, Netflix actually makes it easy for you to watch “1899” the way Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the creators of the series, intended.

Here’s how to watch “1899” the right way!

The multilingual version of “1899” is hidden behind the soundtrack “English [Original]”. By the way, there is also a completely dubbed English version, so watch out for the “[Original]” in the audio designation.

The subtitles are already designed exactly for this audio track and translate all dialogs. This way, you only get subtitles when you really need them. For the hearing impaired, there is the subtitle track “(CC)”, which offers all texts and sounds in text form.

Of course, it’s up to everyone whether they prefer to watch movies and series in the original sound with subtitles or dubbed. In the case of “1899”, however, we are of the opinion that the language barrier is an important part of the plot and it is therefore worth doing without the synchro.

1899: Release date

After only winter 2022 was known as a vague release date for a long time, there is now a concrete date: “1899” will start on Netflix on November 17. Eight episodes will land in one fell swoop in the streaming service’s program on that day.

1899: Trailer and poster

With a first mysterious teaser, the streaming service Netflix announced the new series from the “Dark” creators in June. With its cryptic images and dialogues, this teaser caused great anticipation, especially among “Dark” fans.

Now Netflix provides us with a first real trailer, in which considerably more is revealed about the plot. Apparently, “1899” tells the story of a ship full of migrants who want to get from Europe to the USA. As it seems, however, their seven-day trip will be anything but a leisurely cruise.

The crew learns of a missing ship, the Prometheus, which went missing months ago and sent a Telegram asking for help just hours ago. But they seem to be digging their own grave with this, because something strange is going on on the Prometheus.

In addition, Netflix has now published via Twitter a first poster for the new series. This invites the viewer to guess, because here it goes everything but with right things. You can see a canyon-like structure in the middle of the sea, which has the shape of a triangle. A ship is apparently heading straight for the edge and is possibly in danger of plummeting into the seemingly endless depths.

As a subtitle, there is also the ominous writing “What is lost will be found” in the middle of the poster. This poster now reinforces the already existing speculations that “1899” could possibly take up the story of the Bermuda Triangle and the partly inexplicable events on the Atlantic.