Stumptown Season 2: Will there be a second season?

Will there be a Stumptown Season 2? What will be the plot of Stumptown Season 2, What about the Cast of the 2nd Season of Stumptown?

The first season of the crime action series “Stumptown” premiered on Sky in the middle of the year. We reveal whether fans and those who want to become fans can look forward to a Stumptown Season 2.

Dex Parios, a traumatized Afghanistan veteran, must cope with the loss of her ex-boyfriend after an explosion in the field. Parios (Cobie Smulders) is herself injured in the explosion and subsequently returns to her Portland home to care for her brother Ansel, who has Down syndrome. Quickly realizing that there is not enough money to cover both her gambling debts and daily life, she decides to work as a private investigator in cooperation with the Portland Police Department.

Comic by Greg Rucka serves as a template

Stumptown Season 2 Plot

Whether it’s cinema or television, it’s hard to get around the ever-popular comic adaptations. And so, in the case of the action crime series “Stumptown,” a comic by Greg Rucka also serves as the template. A total of 19 issues were published between 2011 and 2017. Enough material to turn it into a series with several seasons.

No end in sight for the “Stumptown” series after all?

Despite enough material that could be told, those responsible kept a low profile for a long time regarding a continuation. The reason for this was certainly the mediocre ratings, which, with less than three million viewers per episode, could not meet expectations. The salvation for the series came a little later, however, as many viewers resorted to repeats on TV or on the online platform. Subsequently, the number of viewers per episode could be corrected upwards to more than 5 million. So the continuation of the series “Stumptown” was recently officially confirmed on the part of ABC.

Stumptown Season 2 Release Date

Stumptown Season 2 Release Date

If the first season of the series still had the luck not to be affected by the Corona shutdown, the production of Stumptown Season 2 must still wait. An exact release date is not yet known, so it can be assumed that the sequel will not make it to television before 2023 or 2024.

Is Stumptown Season 2 canceled?

The decision to cancel the series comes after ABC previously renewed the series for a second season after a well-received first season which debuted in the fall of 2019. Interestingly, it also comes just three months after ABC touted plans for the series to return as part of its fall 2020 line-up as part of its Wednesday night block once more.

According to Deadline, who first reported the news, the decision to cancel Stumptown was a result of COVID-19-related production delays.

As Deadline reports, “a timing issue related to the production start delay made it impossible for the show to be ready for a fall launch.” Part of this delay stems from the fact that the series films in Los Angeles, where production has not been able to get started.

Since COVID-19 is over now, there still may be a chance for Stumptown Season 2, We will update here soon.

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