Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Season 2 will be even better than Season 1

“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” Season 2 is currently being filmed and the stars can’t get out of the raving. Season 2 should even be the better one.

Currently, fans are celebrating the new sci-fi series “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds“. No new “Star Trek” series has won the hearts of fans in such a way. “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” season 2 is already being dealt with in the USA.

Filming has already started and Paul Wesley has already been confirmed as a new cast member. The actor plays a younger Captain Kirk. The anticipation is high and now “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” star Melissa Navia turns up the euphoria once again and promises that season 2 will be even better than the first!

“I think I’d even go so far as to say that [Season 2] is even better than Season 1,” Navia reveals in an interview with US magazine CinemaBlend, “and we’re already very happy with Season 1.”

In Season 2, we get these scripts that all deliver totally. [The new season] includes Trek, incorporates history, and it picks up on real science and technology. And then she connects things in such a way that you want to be on the Enterprise yourself. It makes you fall in love with the world and want to be part of it.

“Star Trek” star Melissa Navia

The actress also hints that “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” season 3 is already being talked about. However, she has not yet dealt much with the idea of a third season, as she is still working on season 2, but is already on the home stretch at the front.

“We haven’t filmed some of the biggest scenes yet, especially for me. I’m pretty excited and excited,” she explains in reference to the shooting. However, a start date for the second season has not yet been set.

Parallel to “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” season 2, “Star Trek: Discovery” season 5 is currently being filmed. This year there are also more “Star Trek” new releases on the schedule. Whether “Star Trek: Discovery” or “Strange New Worlds” will return first is still open.