Kaleidoscope Season 2: Will there be a sequel?

After the start of New Year, it is already becoming apparent that the new Netflix series “Kaleidoscope” could become a real hit. The highlight of the Heist series: Except for the final episode, the series can be watched in any order and should still make sense. The episodes are named after colors and except for “White,” which creator Eric Garcia says should be seen as the final episode, Netflix will show you the episodes in random order.

Kaleidoscope Season 2 Release Date: When could it continue?

Leo Pap - Kaleidoscope Season 2
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“Kaleidoscope” was basically designed as an anthology series. In plain English, that means the series can stand on its own and doesn’t necessarily need a second season. But as in other successful anthology series, it could continue with a new story, so a second season of “Kaleidoscope” is by no means out of the question.

There is no official confirmation of Kaleidoscope Season 2 by Netflix so soon after its launch. Basically, the streaming provider makes it dependent on the success of a series whether there will be a sequel. After the first season went into production in September 2021 and has only now started on Netflix, it should still take over a year with the start of the second season after a possible confirmation. Therefore, a release date for Kaleidoscope Season 2 before mid-2024 is not to be expected.

If the series can convince viewers in principle, the chances of high streaming figures are pretty good, because the special viewing concept means that the series has great rewatch potential. After all, many people would certainly like to find out whether a different sequence might not have been better after all?

Kaleidoscope Season 2 Plot: What could it be about?

Roger Salas - Kaleidoscope Season 2
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Attention: Spoilers for “Kaleidoscope” season 1 follow!

The first season of “Kaleidoscope” leaves some questions unanswered: What happens to Stan Loomis? Who is the father of Hannah’s baby? Do the “Triplets” have to fear consequences? And will Roger Salas possibly seek revenge?

Since “Kaleidoscope” is an anthology series, we can assume that Kaleidoscope season 2 will feature a completely new story. Exactly what the plot will revolve around is not yet known at this point.

The really interesting question, however, is: Will Kaleidoscope Season 2 continue to focus on the bank robbery genre, or will it be more a matter of expanding the series principle to a different subject area? We are curious!

Cast of Kaleidoscope Season 2: Will the old cast return?

Nothing is currently known about the cast of the second season of “Kaleidoscope”. In many anthology series, however, actors from older seasons reappear in the sequel in new roles. So it could very well be that we will see several of these actors from season 1 again in season 2 of “Kaleidoscope”:

  • Giancarlo Esposito (master thief Leo Pap)
  • Rufus Sewell (security expert Roger Salas)
  • Paz Vega (attorney Ava Mercer)
  • Tati Gabrielle (financial expert Hannah Kim)
  • Rosaline Elbay (demolition expert Judy Goodwin)
  • Peter Mark Kendall (smuggler Stan Loomis)
  • Niousha Noor (FBI agent Nazan Abassi)

“Kaleidoscope” is just one of the many gripping series we can look forward to this year. For more recommendations, check out our article!

Kaleidoscope Watch Order: This is the best way to watch the series!

Kaleidoscope Watch Order
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Of course, you can choose the order suggested by Netflix and really get involved in the experiment “Kaleidoscope”. But if you’d rather have a little more control, you’re probably wondering: What’s the best order for “Kaleidoscope”? We present you with two options.

Kaleidoscope: Chronological watch order

If you are absolutely not a fan of time jumps and want to play it safe, you can watch the series in chronological order. If you’re strict about it, you’ll also have to break Netflix’s “rule” that the episode “White” should be the finale, because two episodes take place after the big heist.

You’ll have to decide for yourself how much suspense is left and whether this approach does justice to the concept of the series. But if order is very important to you, then try the chronologically correct order of “Kaleidoscope”:

Place in orderEpisode nameTime frame
1Purple24 years ago
2Green7 years ago
3Yellow6 weeks before
4Orange3 weeks before
5Blue5 days before
6WhiteThe Raid
7RedThe morning after
8Pink6 months later

Kaleidoscope: Sequence according to topics

Since the individual episodes can be roughly divided into groups of two, as far as their relation to the finale is concerned, you can use this guideline to build up a semi-flexible order that is somewhat structured in terms of time and still leaves a little room for chance.

Placement in the seriesFollowTopic
StartGreen & YellowIntroduction of the crew
MidsectionOrange & BluePreparation of the attack
Before or after the finalRed & PinkAfter the coup
FinaleWhiteThe Raid

Whichever option you choose, we hope you enjoy experimenting!