Black Mirror Season 6: Release date, plot, cast and more details

With “Black Mirror”, Netflix has had a long-running hit in its program since 2011. In five seasons of the science fiction series so far, the creators describe their visions of a gloomy life for mankind in the future. After a three-year wait, Netflix has now announced when “Black Mirror” will continue with Black Mirror season 6.

What is “Black Mirror” about?

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror © Netflix

First of all, “Black Mirror” is not a series whose plot develops episode by episode. Instead, a completely new story is told in each episode. This is part of the secret of the series’ success, as it keeps it varied and entertaining.

Typical “Black Mirror” episodes pick up on today’s trends and develop them to the extreme: today, bees are dying, and in the future, they could be replaced by artificial insects – with exciting consequences. Today, users like each other on social networks. What happens when popularity on the web decides which apartment you get and which job you get? The team behind the series always manages to strike the perfect balance. Everything remains imaginable and yet strange. That’s what makes the British series so exciting and invites us to think.

Why has Black Mirror season 6 been delayed?

At first glance, the reason is simple: Corona. However, there is more to it than that. It wasn’t just that the team couldn’t shoot under pandemic conditions. Series creator Charlie Brooker also simply didn’t feel able to come up with new stories from a decaying society under the impression of the current events. In the meantime, he wanted to turn to funnier plots. But Netflix seems to have converted him.

There were probably organizational reasons as well: Charlie Brooker and his creative partner Annabel Jones have since founded their own production company and taken “Black Mirror” there. The negotiations for reorganizing the rights to “Black Mirror” alone must have taken quite a bit of time.

When will Black Mirror season 6 start?

Our information is based on an insider report published by Variety magazine. According to this report, casting for Black Mirror season 6 has begun in recent weeks. Extrapolating usual production times, the latest episodes are expected to be available on Netflix in early to mid-2023.

Fans of the series can bridge the waiting time with other productions in which Charlie Brooker was also involved. Especially on Netflix, there are two matching streams to watch “Death to 2020” and “Death to 2021”.

What happens in Black Mirror Season 6?

So far, we don’t have any information about the specific plot, let alone trailers. According to Variety, however, the new episodes will be produced with even higher quality than before. In addition, fans can look forward to longer episodes. Already in the fifth season, episodes were over 60 minutes long for the first time. In Black Mirror season 6, each episode will be feature-length.

Black Mirror Season 5 Official Trailer

Who’s In The Black Mirror Season 6 Cast?

While Netflix has not named any official cast members of Black Mirror season six, Variety has reported that casting is underway so stay tuned for news.

What “Black Mirror” episodes have there been so far?

Spoiler alert: Be careful. We’re giving away parts of the plot here, but not its outcome!

Season 1

  • S01 E01 – “The Will of the People”: The princess is kidnapped. To prevent her death, the British prime minister is supposed to have sex with a pig on camera. A huge media avalanche breaks loose.
  • S01 E02 – “Life as a Game”: Bing falls in love with Abi and supports her with all his collected points to participate in a song contest. There, however, her singing talent doesn’t matter. Because of her figure and charisma, she is offered a job in the porn industry.
  • S01 E03 – “The Transparent Me”: People can have devices implanted that record and replay everything they experience. This has violent side effects when a woman betrays her husband.

Season 2

  • S02 E01 – “Revenant”: A pregnant woman grieving for her recently deceased husband comes across an app that imitates humans.
  • S02 E02 – “Wicked New World”: A young woman wakes up disoriented in an abandoned house in an empty settlement. When she finally meets people, they all film her movement. Then she is abducted into a forest full of corpses.
  • S02 E03 – “The Waldo Candidacy”: Jamie impersonates Waldo, the bear at performances by his comedy troupe. In an interview, the popular character rubs politician Liam Monroe the wrong way, to the delight of the audience. However, Jamie becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Waldo.
  • S02 E04 – “White Christmas”: Friends celebrate Christmas in a wilderness outpost. While there, they tell each other three stories about technology run amok.

Season 3

  • S03 E01 – “Crashed”: The status of all citizens is expressed in a point value based on mutual ratings. Due to a mishap, Lacie’s score begins to drop rapidly, with increasingly dire consequences.
  • S03 E02 – “Experience Hunger”: Cooper tests a horror computer game controlled by an artificial intelligence that learns from his fears.
  • S03 E03 – “Do What We Say”: Kenny is filmed masturbating by hackers via his webcam and blackmailed with the recording. From then on, he can only choose between carrying out commands he receives as short messages or revealing his most intimate secrets.
  • S03 E04 – “San Junipero”: In 1987, the very different people Yorkie and Kelly, develop a relationship that space and time seem unable to harm.
  • S03 E05 – “Men of Steel”: Soldiers protect civilians in a foreign country from mutated humans called cockroaches. Then it turns out that the augmented reality goggles used by the soldiers are intentionally misrepresenting reality.
  • S03 E06 – “Hated by Everyone”: After bees become nearly extinct, they are replaced by robot bees. This becomes a problem when the artificial insects kill people whose name is tagged online.

Season 4

  • S04 F01 – “USS Callister”: On the starship USS Callister, nothing is as it seems. Not even the ship.
  • S04 F02 – “Arkangel”: Marie has her three-year-old daughter Sara implanted with the “guardian angel” so that she can take better care of her. From now on, she sees and hears everything her daughter perceives on her tablet. The older Sara gets, the bigger the problems that arise from this.
  • S04 F03 – “Crocodile”: The insurance detective Shazia uses the so-called “Recaller” to read memories in the best possible quality from the minds of his clients. For Mia, witness to a fatal accident and murderer, the encounter with Shazia becomes a tangible problem.
  • S04 F04 – “Hang the DJ”: Frank and Amy met through a dating app that assigns each couple an expiration date. Over time, their trust in this strange feature diminishes.
  • S04 F05 – “Metalhead”: Bella and her friends want to get a box of teddy bears from a warehouse. In the process, they are attacked by aggressive robot dogs.
  • S04 F06 – “Black Museum”: A mysterious museum on a dusty highway houses artifacts of rare crimes. But the most shocking artifact is something no one expects.

Spin-off “Bandersnatch”

Bandersnatch is an interactive movie from the “Black Mirror” series, whose plot you control via answers to intermediate questions.

Season 5

  • S05 E01 – “Striking Vipers”: In the computer game “Striking Vipers,” old friends Danny and Karl slip into the roles of Lance and Roxette. Their avatars have sex with each other, which leads to problems in reality.
  • S05 E02 – “Smithereens”: A car ride, a glance at the cell phone to check the social network, and a fatal accident form the basis for this kidnapping story.
  • S05 E03 – “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”: Pop star Ashley O. is the model for an all-new robotic doll named Ashley Too. When the real Ashley falls into a coma, a hack of the doll allows a fan insight into the real reasons behind the illness.